B&W Photography Project: Icicle

150315 Icicle

Regular readers will know that I have taken a lot of photos of the icicles overhanging our porch. I haven’t been very successful with black and white filters though, as the contrast was never enough. The icicles just faded into the background. But, I think this one worked.

The icicles have now gone, sadly taking most of the gutters and some of the porch railings with them as they fell. A sudden thaw saw chunks of ice half the size of me fall, crashing through anything in their path. No wonder there have been Beware of Falling Ice signs all over town!

Ah well, just another job to add to the very long list of work this house needs done to it… Thankfully (?) the gutters were already on it. The porch railings weren’t!

Truly Madly Kids

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26 thoughts on “B&W Photography Project: Icicle”

  1. Great shot Sara – this does work well in black and white. So glad the icicles have now gone but sorry to hear that they’ve caused damage to the gutters and porch railings.

  2. wow – that’s some icicle so no wonder they’ve done damage. damage is always frustrating and “natural” damage somehow more so. #bwphotoproject

  3. Lucas says – I LOVE this photo – this icicle could make the perfect sword…….
    The Mother says – Lucas…… *sigh*

  4. When the Dust Settles

    What a lovely shot, you’ve got the contrast balance just right in post as well, (so often B&W ends up flat). Great work :)

  5. Megan - Truly Madly Kids

    It is a beauty of a shot – I love the detail in the icicle, and the background is great. It is perfect in b and w too. So sorry the weather has caused so much damage – we just can’t fight Mother Nature. Thanks so much for linking up to #iotw

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