Childhood: now you are three

Now you are three

My gorgeous girl, where do I begin? What words do you justice, now you are three?

You are confident and funny, entertaining us all. You can make us laugh till the tears run, with a song or a dance, or one of your comedy looks.

Your extrovert nature is a wonder, your excellent mimicry however gets me in to no end of trouble!

You are defiant and challenging, keeping us all on our toes, but your enthusiasm is impossible to fault, or ignore.

You are full of curiosity, and eager to learn. You are bright and sharp and too quick by far!

You are cheerful and loving with a beautiful smile, that melts my heart, every time.

We celebrated your birthday yesterday (*whispers* a day early), before your Daddy flew to the UK on business.

When you came downstairs and saw your presents, I thought you might burst with excitement…

Pile of Presents


The unwrapping was undertaken with great concentration and care…

Unwrapping begins

Unwrapping continues

More unwrapping

The first present you opened was a hobby horse, something you have played with endlessly at your Kidzfun gym class. You were thrilled with your magical oonicorn.

Hobby Horse

After each new parcel was unwrapped you would stop and say mummy, take a photo! You are definitely the child of a blogger :)

Take a photo mummy

The cheesy smiles were huge, and very funny. You know how to ham it up my beautiful girl!

Happy face

You loved all your presents, with your new Elsa doll eliciting a fabulous reaction!

The joy of Elsa 1

The joy of Elsa 2

The umbrella that you had asked for got much the same reaction…

Just what I asked for

You took particular care with your cards, and after the first one contained a $10 bill, you shook each one in the hope of more money!

Careful with the cards

And, no birthday is complete without cake. It seems that my attempts at a purple cake with pink stripes met with your approval :)

Blowing out candles

Eating cake

I can’t quite believe that you are three. You start preschool in September, and although you are more than ready for it and I am looking forward to the change in pace, I will miss our adventures little girl.

You are a joy to know. You bring sunshine in to our lives, and we all love you more than we can possibly say.

Happy birthday, gorgeous girl.

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57 thoughts on “Childhood: now you are three”

  1. Aw Happy Birthday Wee Girl!! :-) She is looking so grown up all of a sudden (but still incredibly cute!). I love that you wrapped the presents up in such an unfussy way – I sometimes see photos of piles of presents and it looks like Walt Disney just threw up on the carpet :-) And well done on that amazing cake!! You have one very lucky little girl there Xx

  2. Such a beautiful post. Wishing your wee girl a very happy third birthday – love all the photos. She looked like she had a wonderful time celebrating and I love her big smiles and the look on her face unwrapping the Elsa doll. That cake looks amazing too! :-)

  3. Aww, she looks like such a lively and expressive girl. She sounds a lot like our Kara, who also turns three in six weeks’ time. SHe may be hard work at times but she’s so worth it and she makes my heart melt every time she lights up her smile. Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks Tim, every time I read one of your posts about Kara I think that she and the wee girl sound very similar :)

  4. Ah, Happy Birthday, wee girl! Lovely post and I do love those photos. My kids know to pause for photos, too, poor bloggers’ kids! Looks like she had some fab pressies and a yummy cake. My boy starts nursery in September, too, and like you, whilst I’m looking forward to it for both him and I, I know I’ll miss our time together x

  5. Such a sweetheart! Happy birthday to your Wee Girl! I love all her reactions to opening her presents, and her cake! It’s so lovely (stealing that idea of stripped M&Ms on cakes for Little Lady’s next birthday) and colorful! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Ally Messed Up Mum

    How excited was she?? Lol! So cute, it my little boys second bday coming up, I can’t wait. X

  7. What a beautiful record of your little girl’s birthday. And I love it that she was asking for photos. Mine (2) does everything she can to void the camera or grab it out of my hands so she can have a go. I look forward to her acting more like a pro next year ;) #MyCapturedMoment

  8. Beautiful birthday girl! Love the cake. I think it is cute about the money. My 3 year loves to given money that is hers to spend. I love my daughter so much but there are moments when she is a 3 year old nightmare. Shout if you need a mom to talk too.

  9. What a fabulous post!! It had me smiling and welling up all at once. Your girl is beautiful and looks full of character and confidence, which is lovely to see shining through in these pictures.

    Frozen has really taken over the planet, hasn’t it?!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #mycapturedmoment xxx

    1. She is definitely a character, which is by turns amazing and a bit of a challenge :) I do love these photos though, they are so absolutely her!

  10. Happy 3rd Birthday beautiful! Oh Sara I love your poem and she sounds so amazing. Love her happy birthday photos with her pressies. So cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  11. Wee Girls face after each present is just adorable, you can see that the Elsa doll is an extra big hit with her too! I love how you wrapped them, with the pink ribbon to make sure Wee Girl knew they were hers. Popping in from What’s the Story.

  12. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    Oh what a lovely post that’s left me a bit emotional! What a grown up girl and the joy on her face is so amazing – happiness personified. Thank you so much for linking up at #sharethejoy this week Sara x

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