Make: elephants and suns

Make: elephants and suns

Over the last few months there has been a change in the way that the wee girl draws and paints.

Instead of completely random splodging and swirling, everything is identified. Whether it’s identifiable is another matter, but the wee girl is very specific about what it is.

Her current favourite things to paint are elephants and suns.

Some of these paintings are now even starting to resemble elephants and suns. If you look hard enough.

It’s been fascinating to watch this development. She has started to draw people too, generally our family, but elephants are definitely her favourite. When each painting is finished she will talk me through it, pointing out the trunk, the legs, sometimes the eyes. She will also show me the sun and the sky and the clouds.

I have to use my imagination a little, but I am definitely starting to see those elephants!

Elephant 1
This elephant has eyes…

Elephant 2
This one also has eyes (and yes, they are foam stickers of feet!)…

Elephant Sun and Clouds
Here we have the sun and two clouds as well as a rather (over) enthusiastically painted elephant…

Elephant with Four Legs
And, this elephant actually has four legs (possibly five…) and is also surrounded by clouds and the sun!

I wonder when she will tire of elephants, and what will become her next subject of choice?!

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19 thoughts on “Make: elephants and suns”

  1. It’s so exciting when they begin to identify things in their art work. I remember my eldest used to always draw sheep and rabbits, so much so, we eventually bought her a pet rabbit. I still buy her presents now with sheep on them, she still claims they are her favourite. Therefore, your wee girl might not move on, elephants might always be her favs too xx

    1. Sheep and rabbits, that’s lovely :) I’m not sure why elephants, she had lots of toy rabbits, so that would have made more sense :) Maybe she will always like elephants!

  2. Love the paintings – what adorable elephants! My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves to paint! She likes to draw bunnies right now with a big circle for the body and two stick ears – they are so cute! I think I need to start taking pictures of them because I can’t save all the masterpieces. Visiting from Let Kids be Kids Linky.

  3. Looks a lot like how my son draws! I can usually identify what he makes, but sometimes he has to explain. It’s really cute how your wee girl draws elephants :)

  4. What fantastic elephants! It’s interesting to see the things that our kids like to draw isn’t it? #letkidsbekids

  5. I love watching how children’s paintings and drawings turn from the completely abstract to the identified and then identifiable stages. I also love how young children just have a go at anything and not worry about the end result.

  6. Oh what lovely paintings and they do look like elephants! Lovely to watch such changes in her painting and development. I love the pics.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  7. Lucas says – Wee Girl is doing an awesome job and these Elephants are some of the finest I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work lil’ dudette xx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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