Alphabet Photography Project: U is for Umbrella

Alphabet Photography Project: U is for Umbrella

I have shared this photo before, in colour, when I wrote about the wee girl’s third birthday. I love it. She looks so pleased with her present. It was one that she had specifically asked for.

It is has rained solidly for the last two days, and this umbrella has come in handy. She has told anyone that cared to listen (and some that didn’t) that she got it for her birthday.

If it hadn’t been so horribly wet, I might have got a new photo. One of the umbrella in use!

But, it was not to be, I wasn’t quite dedicated enough to stand about in the rain any longer than I needed to :)

Instead, I had fun re-editing the original photo. My girl, and one of her bestest presents.


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6 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: U is for Umbrella”

  1. I’m not sure I’d have stood outside either. Isn’t it funny the things they ask for? A useful present indeed. A friend once told me, her son asked for nothing but a ball of string, while her other son had a list as long as his arm. #AlphabetPhoto

    1. I know, she was very specific. I think it’s because her brothers have their own, and everything they have…!

  2. Aww that’s such a cute pic. And she obviously loves it lots :) Z doesn’t have one but regularly tries to steal my brothers who carries his about rain or shine!

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