Rewind: a first 1st birthday

Rewind First 1st Birthday

My oldest turns nine next week. He will officially become a tween (having sounded like one for the past six months).

I remember his first birthday quite clearly.

I remember that I got up really early and made two different kinds of potato salad and a pasta salad from scratch. There are photos of me in my dressing gown with pestle in hand. I look remarkably calm… (but, really, what was I thinking?!).

I remember being less calm as the clock continued to tick while I obsessed over salad; I ended up with 30 minutes to get ready and was putting on mascara when the first guest arrived…

I remember the v1.0 and v2.0 t-shirts that my husband and son wore…

I remember that my son wasn’t quite walking yet, but persuaded a friend of mine to walk him round (and round and round) the house…

I remember that the sun shone, and we sat outside drinking pink fizz and eating birthday cake (and all that salad)…

I remember how my son laughed and clapped, but wasn’t quite sure what to make of the cake…

First 1st Birthday 2

I remember being surrounded by friends and family and thinking, wow, a year. How did that happen?

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23 thoughts on “Rewind: a first 1st birthday”

  1. That’s so cute and I love the memories. I think I was so stressed on the lead up to Zs birthday and I spent the day a bit stressed too but he absolutely loved it. He had no idea what to do with all the presents and was in complete awe :)

  2. Lovely memories to have. My LO is 1 and I think her first birthday will be very memorable and was quite emotional as the memories of the actual birth don’t seem so long ago. Great photos! x

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