Our Garden: all about the rhododendrons

Our Garden: all about the rhododendrons

As Spring progressed it became all about the rhododendrons. Pinks and lilacs and deep reds, they bloomed all over the garden.

We have five large, mature rhododendrons to the front of the house, and they greet us as we come up the driveway. There are smaller plants dotted around in the back garden, or the wilderness as it is currently known!

For about a week I didn’t take photos of much other than rhododendron flowers, catching them at different times of day and in different lights and weather; from buds through to full flower. Sometimes they almost seemed to glow, while at others they were quite muted.

Always so pretty though!

Red 1

Red 2

Red 3

Lilac and Pink

Lilac 1

Lilac 2

Pink 1

Pink 2

Pink 3

Pink 4

Pink 5

They are starting to fade now, and I will miss the colour. But, I am looking forward to seeing what comes next. We are almost hitting our first anniversary in the house, so we should start to see some familiar plants soon…

Although, I do wonder what effect all the landscaping work we had done to the back of the house will have had.

We shall see!


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19 thoughts on “Our Garden: all about the rhododendrons”

  1. I am huge rhododendron fan, they grow wild in the forest here too, it’s a real treat to be wandering in the woods and come across a big one. Your photos are smashing , I love the raindrops on the petals on the last shot especially – so lovely!

    Thanks for joining in again Sara x

  2. Wow! How stunning. They were everywhere in the Lake District when we went at half term and I just couldn’t get over the colours – you don’t see them in suburban Nottingham- such blasts of striking colour!

    1. That’s such a shame, ours survived all the snow, which I have to admit I did worry about! But, they are clearly used to it :)

  3. I love rhododendrons and all their different colours. At our first house we bought one but the next morning we came down to find it had been completely eaten! We’ve never tried again to have one in the garden.

    1. Oh no! These ones are such mature plants, they even managed to survive being buried under nine feet of snow :)

  4. Love your rhododendrons. I’ve seen quite a few popping blooming where I live – they really add a pop of colour. If I had enough room in the garden, it’s something I’d plant.

    1. They are wonderfully colourful, and they are everywhere here. It’s been lovely to see them all in flower x

  5. Emma Greenwood

    Kerpow! the colours are so vibrant in rhododendrons, they are great to see when out walking and take you by surprise.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about so many pictures of one subject! We have an annual spring rhodo festival where we get to go to many gardens and see their flowers and I look forward to it each year.

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