How does your garden grow?

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There is nothing I can say that I haven’t said before! It snowed this week, again. I cannot photograph my garden, at lunchtime it was under eight inches of snow. As I write, it’s still snowing…

I did manage to get some photos in a friends garden on Tuesday, when we only had a little bit of snow. It was a perfect, crisp winter day with gorgeous blue skies. We actually managed to get the kids outside to play :)







Later that day, I took a few photos on our walk home from school.






However, this was the sight from my front door this morning… There’s a road out there, somewhere!


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28 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. And still it snows… gosh! I do love the blue sky against the snow on the trees, it all looks so beautiful there in the snow. Are you fed up of it yet or enjoying it?

    Loving the snowy cobble stones especially – thank you for sharing and joining in again, although I feel like I should be boiling the kettle and filling a hot waterbottle for you!

    1. I’m actually coping better than I did last year, but I think we’ve had enough now :) It is beautiful and it tends to warm up a bit when it snows, so that makes it a positive!

  2. I was just thinking ‘looks like the snow is clearing’ then you bring on the last pic! Reminds me of my snowy year over there in 95/96 – huuuuge snowfalls and I loved it :)

    1. It has it’s moments, and it is impressive how much snow can fall in such a short time, and it does look beautiful. But, I think I’ve had enough now :)

  3. wow, the snow just keeps coming and it’s so deep now too! I do love the snow but I can understand why you might want a break now! love the photo of the hydrangea, so pretty against the snow x

  4. Hellie's Corner

    Not quiet sure which is worse, too much snow or too much rain… roll on Spring!! Great photos #howdoesyourgardengrow

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