How does your garden grow?


It’s been snowing again, the garden is once more covered in a blanket of white. It’s so cold that taking photographs has become a dangerous mission; frozen fingers, frozen nose. At the weekend it snowed for hours; big, fat, proper snow flakes. Beautiful to watch, a perfect covering of trees and branches.








On Tuesday night it snowed again, all night. Tiny, light, sparkly snow flakes. They looked like they couldn’t possibly amount to anything, yet several inches awaited us the following morning. Bright sunshine on Wednesday made it difficult (I failed!) to capture the beauty of the snow; animal footprints marking tracks across a perfect expanse, ice clinging to branches.







In all honesty, I’m ready for spring now!

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26 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. i miss snow!!! i can’t complain though, we have finally been getting a miami winter (in the 50’s sometimes). but i can understand you wanting spring. lovely shots. x

  2. Ah beautiful – I LOVE snow and crave for it here but I can see why you are fed up of it now!

    Lovely shots – I feel like I am stood there looking up at it coming down on me. Thanks for sharing and joining in and stay warm!

    1. It’s very pretty to look at, but I have to admit I’ve had enough of fighting with it on the school run now ;)
      Thanks for hosting xx

  3. Well hello there, how exciting! Fabulous to see some lovely snowy photos, it always looks so picturesque there. I hope you’re keeping yourselves warm! I keep hoping we’ll get some snow here but it’s too mild :)

  4. Oh how LUSH! I know that it looks prettier than it feels though. My friend got her mum to knit me some fingerless gloves so that it would help for picture taking in the winter months. I love them. For the nose? Maybe a ski mask? :-) It’s worth it for us! Keep sharing:-)

  5. I am desperate for some snow this year but I don’t think we’ll have any snowfall at all which is disappointing. The photographs of the snow actually falling are beautiful, and I love the movement of them; it makes me feel that I’m there.

    1. It has been lovely for the kids, but it is hard work when you’re trying to just go about your day to day! If I could send you some, I would :)

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