How does your garden grow?

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Our Amaryllis bloomed in time for Christmas. The 7yo was thrilled, and so proud, as we went from one to two to three to four flowers. It stood tall and vibrant on the dining table throughout Christmas and New Year and is only now fading away. I will let it wither and I will cut it back and care for it; and hope that it blooms again for us next Christmas.

[This week with temperatures in the dangerously cold region I haven’t ventured out much into our initially white, now patchy and icy, garden. What snow is left is now brown and dirty, the garden gouged from the ploughing and clearing. Bushes bent and splayed from weight of snow. Any days where the temperature crawls up to anywhere near zero feel positively balmy. As I sit wrapped in a blanket, I dream of spring!]

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20 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. thereadingresidence

    Those photos are lovely. We haven’t had an Amaryllis this year, but I’ve had them many times in the past and love watching the speed at which they grow! x

  2. am dreaming of Spring too – and we haven’t even had snow yet. I love those stripey petals – so pretty and super that it made an appearance in time for Christmas too! I love the colour – and really love the ariel view black & white one!

  3. i was expecting to see pictures of white for your How does your garden grow?!! How are you getting on with the cold over there? Been thinking of you. Lovely photos of the amaryllis. My mum always gets us one but couldn’t this year so it’s nice to get a ‘fix’ here! Keep warm xx

  4. At least you have that bright and sunny amaryllis to keep you cheery! The ‘polar vortex’ got us down to 5 degrees and we lost power – in the South we can’t handle that kind of cold! Ha! I couldn’t imagine below 0.

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