On Writing: making a plan

On Writing: making a plan

I do like a plan. I like lists. I like to be able to tick boxes. I like to be organised.

Recently, I have felt less than organised! I have the lists, I’m just not ticking enough boxes :)

But, if I am to have any balance in my life, I need to get organised; I need to be organised.

I publish a blog post most days, sometimes two, and I write every day.

I comment on a lot of other blogs.

I have ideas upon ideas and my draft posts list is huge!

I edit, I proofread, I edit again.

I choose photos and I edit every single one, even if just cropping or resizing.

It all takes time. Each post I publish has at least an hours work behind it, most of them far more than that.

I don’t plan in advance very well, so my writing time is not as effective or productive as it could be.

I rarely schedule more than a day (12 hours!) in advance.

I often feel rushed and wish I could have spent more time; although, some of my best posts are the ones I’ve written the fastest, not sure what that says about the time I take over others!

The blogging world will become a little quieter over the summer, which is a good thing.

I am going to use that time to plan.

To reassess my content and choose what I focus on come September.

To develop the areas that I love, and have the courage to drop the stuff I don’t (even if it means being less visible on the linky/commenting circuit).

To build the new features that have been on my to-do list for months.

To make my editorial calendar work for me, rather than stress me out (in a I still haven’t written that post for tomorrow/next week/next month kind of a way!).

To use Coschedule (my new favourite plug-in!) to its fullest and become far more efficient in my social media and *cringes* self-promotion.

To start saying yes to some of the many PR opportunities I get every week!

To decide where I want my blog to go; do I want to try and make money from it…? Am I comfortable with reviews, sponsored content and advertising (honestly not sure about this yet) or do I keep my blog as it is and investigate other avenues?

But most importantly, I want to be able to write more.

And, for me, writing is my blog.

Realistically, I simply don’t have time to do anything else (right now), and over the last few months I’ve realised that, actually, I’m okay with that.

My blog ranks in, or just outside, the Top 100 in Tots and has done for a year now. I must be doing something right!

My blog has allowed me to develop my writing, something that wouldn’t have happened without it.

It has allowed to meet some wonderful people, who encourage me and support me, and tell me that I’m quite good at this blogging thing.

I just need to start believing them…

So, watch this space; I’m making a plan!

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18 thoughts on “On Writing: making a plan”

  1. It’s always great to have a plan. Although I think your blog is already fab :) It’s always nice to take the time to think about what direction you want to go in though. I need to do the exact same thing with my blog. You have inspired me to also make a plan! x

  2. I read this the other day but didn’t have time to comment. I could have written most of this myself… but like you I need a plan, because there are BIG changes afoot in my house at the mo and I need to be super organised if I’m going to succeed. Can’t wait to meet you on Friday lovely lady xxx

  3. I do like a good plan! I’m looking forward to the summer for some reflection time too. I’ve cut right back, because I’ve needed to, but I’ve no plan. It’s lovely to read your confidence in your writing and blogging :)

  4. I love planning and lists too and keep thinking I need to get more organised with my writing and blogging time! I’m so impressed that you blog as often as you do, especially as so much time goes into your posts (and it shows – your blog is aesthetically pleasing and polished). It’s great the way blogging is helping your other writing develop (last months poems were fab!) and I think being in the tots 100 is a massive achievement! I see great things in your future. Thanks for linking to #whatImwriting xx

  5. It’s great to have a plan and oh I do love a good list too. I bet when you come back from Britmums you’ll be bursting with ideas to add to it.

  6. It’s good to have a plan! Although I am not the best at making them either, so need to start doing the same when it comes to my blog. Look forward to hearing about your exciting new plans in time to come :) x

  7. I was always (am always??) a fly by the seat of my pants blogger. I decided I needed to start scheduling out my blog post topics for the month after realizing that I was never going to be able to write a holiday/seasonal post on time otherwise. And so far, so good!

    1. Yes, I have an editorial calendar and that has been a god send, even if I’m not always good at sticking to it :)

  8. I’m so with you on the love of planning… Though I’ve been so hectic recently that I’ve been running to stand still most of the time and not being nearly as organised as I’d like to be! I’m looking forward to some time to breathe over the summer, and hopefully getting everything back on track… xx

    1. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel at the moment, but the summer is going to be all about taking a step back and getting a handle on it all x

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