Rewind: a second 1st birthday

Rewind A Second 1st Birthday

Having had such clear memories of the 9yo’s first birthday, I went on a hunt for photos of the 6yo on his first birthday; our second 1st birthday celebration.

As I looked at the photos from the day itself, it began to come back to me. It had been a busy work day. My mum came round to have cake with us after we’d picked the boys up from nursery. My son was wearing a completely random outfit and I didn’t have the energy to change him before we took some photos with his cake. This was of course in the days before blogging, but still!

His big brother was excited by the whole thing, and the 6yo had no problems working out what he was supposed to do with his cake :)

A Second 1st Birthday - Cake

But, it was all a bit rushed and I don’t actually remember him opening any presents…

We did have a proper party for him the following weekend, with family and friends, and much like we had been for his big brother, we were blessed with a beautiful day and we all sat in the garden enjoying the early April sunshine. Yes, in Scotland!

I did not however spend the morning making fresh salads this time round :)

We don’t seem to have a photo of him with his cake and I don’t remember what it was (this was in the days before I baked them myself…). I don’t remember presents. I don’t even remember what we gave him (my husband will make me feel worse now by reminding me!).

You think you won’t forget. You think that these milestone moments will be forever imprinted on your memory. But, they aren’t. Not all of them.

And, I do wish they were. I wish I had paid more attention, been less rushed, more focused.

I wish I had started this blog years ago.

But, when I look at the photos, and I see his wonderful smiling face, I know that he was happy. I know that we were all happy. And, really, that’s what matters.

A Second 1st Birthday - Family

(Still wish I’d had this blog though!).

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14 thoughts on “Rewind: a second 1st birthday”

  1. Ah, lovely memories and fab photos. I wish I started blogging when I was pregnant with Ollie and you are so true, we all need to slow down a bit more!

    1. It is a wonderful part of blogging, isn’t it, capturing those moments, because we do forget x

  2. OMG Sara I so agree, there are moments I have forgotten I too so wish I had blogged from when they were small. I love the fact it captures such precious memories x

    1. Now that I have this blog, I am so grateful for it, but I do wish I’d started it sooner. But, this linky has really encourage me to go back and start recording some of our earlier family moments x

  3. I totally agree Sara, it’s the milestones that seem to disappear from memory too. The special moments, or the funny ones, they stick around but the milestones don’t seem quite so important once they’ve passed and you’re concentrating on the next one.

    It is a shame you didn’t have the blog but at least you have photos! ;)

    1. It’s funny isn’t it, the big moments are the ones you think you don’t need to make an effort to remember, and you really do forget!

  4. I had this the other day where I couldn’t remember how we celebrated my middle son’s birthday. I’m thankful of the photos which remind me but have just realised I haven’t printed off the ones from my baby’s 1st last month. I’ve already forgotten the date of when he took his 1steps! #mycapturedmoment

    1. There is just so much to remember! And, if you don’t write it down straight away, it’s gone…

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