Summer: Breakheart Reservation

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Summer: Breakheart Reservation

I have written many posts about Breakheart Reservation, and it remains one of our favourite places to go, at any time of year.

We have been so busy this summer that we’ve only made it there a few times, but it’s been so much fun. The walks through the forest are beautiful (and great for scooting!) and the lake is just stunning; a perfect spot to play in the water, dig in the sand and soak up the sunshine.

Our first visit to the beach this year was with Granny, and the weather was perfect. We enjoyed playing in the water, the wee girl having more freedom this year than last (although we did have a couple of battles when she tried to go deeper than I was comfortable with, without her floaty on!).

Breakheart 1

Breakheart 2

Breakheart 3

Breakheart 4

Breakheart 5

All three attempted to build sandcastles, the sand is quite stony and grainy, so it is tricky to get the consistency right! But, digging is fun anyway…

Breakheart 6

Breakheart 7

Breakheart 8

Breakheart 9

And while they dug, this was my view…

Breakheart 10

The next time we went, we stayed all day, taking a picnic and meeting friends in the afternoon.

The floaty came out this time and the wee girl swam, making friends as she went, playing tag in the water and digging holes and making patterns on the beach.

Breakheart 11

As did her big brothers; the 9yo writing all our names and the 6yo drawing his little sister!

Breakheart 13

Breakheart 14

The boys created an elaborate pond/moat/not completely sure to be honest with their friends, while also attempting to catch the fish that were swimming around us! I chatted to my friend and put the camera away, enjoying the sunshine on my back and the water at my feet.

We enjoyed our picnic in the sand, looking out over the lake and being looked at by hungry ducks.

Breakheart 15

Breakheart 16

Breakheart 17

And when it came time for a snack, we sat on a rock and watched the fish, ducks and snapping turtles in the pond.

Breakheart 18

Breakheart 19

Breakheart 20

No alligators though…

Breakheart 21

When I posted this photo on Instagram the lovely Amber from The Goblin Child commented that she had thought the log was an alligator and that she was very relieved to realise that it wasn’t. I have to admit, on looking at the photo again, it does look rather like there is an alligator getting ready to eat my children!

Thankfully we only have to worry about snapping turtles, although they give a nasty bite apparently, so we do keep an eye out for them!

We are so lucky to have this lake, and the surrounding forest, so close to home. It is somewhere that we pop to regularly. Swimming in the lake is one of the best parts of summer, and a trip to Breakheart never fails to make me smile.

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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24 thoughts on “Summer: Breakheart Reservation”

  1. What a gorgeous place to spend a summer day (or two) – very relieved to hear that there are no alligators – that log really does look like one! So many happy photos of your children having a lot of fun in the water and on the sand and I love the drawing of the wee girl in the sand :-)

  2. That looks like a great place to go. Lots of lovely photos of your kids having so fun. The log does look like an alligator. lol
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Now you mention it I can see the alligator too! What a wonderful place to play, I can see why you all find it so relaxing. We are off to France next week and the wide stretches of the river there really reminds me of this, I can’t wait to be there now. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  4. Wow, it must be lovely having a natural feature like that so close. Lovely photos – I like the ones of them trying to work out the sandcastle building.

  5. How lovely to have such a beautiful place so close to you! I can see why you would visit again and again. It does not look like a crowded spot. Is it usually so uncrowded?

  6. I haven’t caught up with you since meeting you at BritMums back in June.I’ve just subscribed to your blog via Feedly, as I’m making an attempt to read more blogs each week.

    What a fab place name, do you know the history behind the name of Breakheart Reservation? I’d be on tenterhooks if I knew there were snapping turtles and alligators around.

    1. I have to admit my blog reading has been a bit sporadic over the summer!
      It seems to have been named by one of the owners of the land back in the 1800’s, but I’m not sure where the name came from!

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