On writing: and not taking the summer off

On Writing: and not taking the summer off

So, I had a great plan. A plan to make a plan.

And then I had a fabulous summer and all planning went out the window.

Which really, is how it should have been.

What surprised me though is that I wrote a lot.

The blog became a journal again. And, that was good. I did, after all, start this blog as a journal of our lives and it had drifted. In lots of good ways, but the journaling aspect had taken a back seat.

I wasn’t very comfortable with that.

So, over the summer, I published almost as much as I normally would, but most of those posts were about our wonderful vacation.

Recording our days out, our activities. The enjoyment we had ticking things off our bucket list.

Now though? Well, the past couple of weeks have been all about big changes. The boys are back at school and the wee girl has started preschool.

I now have five hours, a whole five hours, four days a week to write. And cook, clean, shop, do laundry… but still!

I’m slowly getting used to the idea. It feels very odd, and if I’m honest, I do feel a bit lost.

But, now I can plan. All those ideas that have been swirling? I can actually start to work through them.

I’ve tidied my desk, put up a white board. I’m gathering my supplies.

As I said in my, wildly optimistic, post at the start of the summer; if I am to have any balance in my life, I need to get organised; I need to be organised.

And it starts now.

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18 thoughts on “On writing: and not taking the summer off”

  1. How exciting that you have some more time now! I felt like this a year again when my youngest went off to school. Looking forward to hearing about your writing progress with all that extra time (which never feels like extra time really – instead the day flies by quicker!).

  2. Such a huge period of change for you to adapt to! So exciting, though I’m not surprised you feel a bit lost – I think I will do too when the time comes. Seize the day – I think there are great things (even greater things) on the horizon for you now you have space to stretch your wings a bit. Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting. xx

  3. Ah such an exciting time for you! Well done on keeping the blog going so well through the summer – we had so many adventures, and during each one I mentally wrote a post about it, but I just completely lost the ability to get anything actually posted! Ho hum… Good luck adjusting to your strange new world – I hope it is super productive and you really enjoy your new freedom xx

  4. I’m glad you’re getting organised and making plans-it helps with the feeling lost bit I think. This is a stage I want to get to too. Look forward to hearing all about your plans and I enjoyed reading about your summer adventures xx

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