Review: Mighty Mug

Review: Mighty Mug

As any one with a boisterous toddler will know. No cup is safe. Especially if it is full.

I have lost count of the number of spilled drinks in our house.

Thankfully the majority of these have been cold drinks, but I have a real fear of accidental spills of hot drinks. One of my husband’s nephews sports scars from a hot cup of tea that was knocked over when he was a baby.

It can happen so easily and only takes a split second.

As my children get older it becomes less of a worry. On the whole the boys can manage to get through a day without spilling anything and they know better than to fling themselves around near any cups of hot tea or coffee.

The wee girl though? Well, she’s not quite there yet and will happily throw herself at you irrespective of whether you happen to have a mug of something hot sitting on the table next to you.

So, when Mighty Mug got in touch and asked us to review one of their products we jumped at the chance.

Mighty Mug is the ‘Mug that won’t fall over’ and we have had great fun trying to prove them wrong.

We haven’t!

Smartgrip technology means that your Mighty Mug grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface when you bump it (or push it!) but lifts straight up when you want to take a sip.

The kids have found this amazing. They absolutely love it. In fact they think it’s magic.

I have to keep reminding them that it’s mine…

There has been a lot of experimenting! It sticks to our kitchen counter, my desk, the coffee table, the glass in a side-table… It doesn’t stick to bumpy surfaces or when the ‘gripper’ on the bottom is dirty (lots of grubby fingers playing with it, and sticking it to crumby surfaces will do that…).

It will stick to a cupboard door (when empty!!). I can’t recommend this, obviously. But it is pretty cool :)

I chose the 16oz travel mug style, in cream, as I often take my tea on the road with me and I was very pleased with my choice; it’s a good looking mug!

Mighty Mug 1

It has a strong lid, easy to open (but not too easy!) and drink from, and it keeps my tea hot more than long enough for me to drink it all. The cup itself gets warm to the touch, more so than other insulated cups I have, but this was not an issue in any way, and certainly didn’t affect its performance with respect to the perfect drinking temperature for my tea :)

I attempted to demonstrate that they really don’t tip over in a photo. Not easy to do, but my finger is straining here. I had to stop because the glass was lifting out of the top of the table…

Mighty Mug 2

I’m impressed. I quite fancy one of the desk mugs now… maybe a purple one!

If you have an enthusiastically bouncy toddler or an inquisitive baby and you want to make sure that hot drinks aren’t accidentally knocked over by them, or worse over them, then I would certainly recommend Mighty Mug products. Stylish, efficient and really rather clever.

The lovely people at Mighty Mug are giving one lucky reader a $30 gift card to put towards the purchase and shipping of one their mugs. Please click here for a chance of winning! Open Worldwide and entries close 9pm EST on 20 October. Good luck :)

Disclaimer: I was given this product from the Mighty Mug range for the purposes of review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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    1. They are indeed available, enter the competition and you might get a lovely gift card to put towards one :)

  1. What a fantastic idea – would be great for at home when blogging, or for my husband to take to work in his lorry! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I love this and think I need one in my life as I am always knocking or my toddlers are knocking my coffee over frequently. Amazing it sticks to so much so well. Great review. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I appreciate the linky loyalty and always look forward to seeing you again at SWM. #sharewithme

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