Project 365: My Top 12 of 2015

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2015-365 My Top 12

January The snow came, and decided to stay a while :)
February These icicles were beautiful, but eventually brought the gutters down!
March Green Spirit Day at school…
April All ready for our trip back to the UK and Ireland.
May These two never fail to entertain!
June Such concentration. Bubbles in the garden were a favourite all summer.
July We had lots of wonderful family time in July.
August One of our many bucket list activities, painting in the garden.
September A huge milestone: first day of preschool.
October The three, they’ve grown so much in the past year.
November We had another glorious autumn.
December The wee girl started ballet/tap classes this year, she loves it!

This was my second year of doing Project 365 and, I did it!

A photo a day, every day. 365 photos of our year.

Well, actually, thousands of photos of our year, narrowed down to 365. And now to 12 :)

My first 365 Top 12 was an eclectic mix of photographs. This year it is more heavily biased towards the kids.

It was interesting choosing a favourite for each month this year and, in fact, I could easily have chosen a very similar set of photos to last year!

But, these are the images that jumped out at me.

I can remember how my son attempted to wade through the snow with such glee. How the icicles were so incredibly beautiful when the sun hit them. That the St Patrick’s Day photo was taken quickly before school so that my husband could send the photo to his family.

My daughter still loves those headphones, and still asks when we can go on a sleeping plane again. People stopped at smiled at the dancing antics in the street that day. My daughter was so thrilled with the huge bubbles she blew.

I can remember the wee girl chattering away to her brother, and his look of confusion as he tried to keep up! That all three loved the splatter painting that we did, and still talk about it. How incredibly excited my daughter was to start preschool, and how proud I was.

None of the kids wanted to have their photograph taken that October day, but once we got outside their antics were hilarious and the photos are some of my favourite of the year. Yet again I took a lot of photos of trees and beautiful autumn leaves :) And, ballet class, well that has been amazing; for both me and my daughter.

It has been another wonderful year, and I am so glad that I have all these captured moments to remember it by. The silliness, the laughter, the fun.

Here’s to 2016 and Project 366 (it being a leap year!). I wonder what my Top 12 will be…



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