My Word for 2016: Simplify

My Word for 2016: Simplify

The phrase towards simplicity has been circling in my mind for months. I wrote it on a post-it, stuck it above my desk. I see it every day. And, I keep coming back to what it means; grappling with the concept. Is it a goal, an aspiration? Or, is it more than that: a need?

I’m not given to making resolutions. Setting such specific goals, then failing to meet them, is a sure fire way to make you feel bad.

As the new year has begun though, I have seen several people write about choosing a word to live their year by.

I like this. I feel comfortable, and hopeful, about doing this.

Choosing a word to shape my thoughts, influence my choices. Guide me towards the life I wish to lead.

Regular readers will be not be surprised to learn that I have chosen the word simplify.

I have not chosen simplicity, because I recognise that much of my life, by necessity and want, will remain complex.

I have not chosen simple, because I know that many of life’s complications are in fact enjoyable, exciting and essential.

But, I do need to simplify.

Simplify Quote - Hans Hofmann

Ultimately, this isn’t about changing my life; it’s about redefining it.

Reevaluating, streamlining and clarifying.

I have books to read, ideas to try and decisions to make! Some things will work, others won’t.

I truly believe that simplifying; my surroundings, my goals, my obligations; will lead me to a happier and calmer place. By ridding myself of the unnecessary, I will create space for creativity, productivity and achievement.

It won’t be simple, and the irony of that does make me smile, or rather, grimace. It will be challenging and frustrating. Banishing my inner hoarder will take some time. Letting go of my innate need to do everything by myself will be hard. Decluttering, both physically and mentally, will be difficult.

But, life is short. Too short to be overwhelmed by unimportant stuff. It’s time to take control and make space for what is important.

Space for my family, space for me. And, space to write.

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32 thoughts on “My Word for 2016: Simplify”

  1. Love your word, love the simplified nature of the post and the message it’s sending out… love love love! You are already halfway there hon, because you are truly changing your mindset (which is always the hardest part). Very excited about following your journey xx

    1. Thank you Renee, I’m already finding that my word is influencing my choices, so I’m hopeful that will continue…

  2. I also loved the idea of finding a word to follow this year… but I still haven’t worked one out! I LOVE your word though and i love this post. I think you’re right about getting rid of the unnecessary stuff -I have far too much of it – so much that I have a hard time distinguishing the necessary clutter from the unnecessary. I’ve decided to target social media as a major drain though – it takes too much time, energy and, if I’m honest, happiness away from me. I look forward to following you on your journey this year. Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting

    1. Yes, for me, the unnecessary stuff extends beyond the physical clutter. Social media is definitely in there too!

  3. I LOVE that quote. And have been quite inspired by your post… So much of what you write here (as always) resonates with me, and I too am yearning after a more streamlined existence so that I can focus on the important things! It’s easier said than done though… Looking forward to following your journey this year – and I think I might be bookmarking this post to come back to! xx

    1. I am pleased that it resonated. I still have to work our exactly what shape it will all take, but I’m feeling very positive x

  4. Your reflective posts are always so considered Sara. I think ‘simplify’ is something we could all take more care to do but I also agree that some of the more complicated bits are necessary to keep us stimulated and provide the colour and richness in our lives. I hope 2016 allows you to adjust your pattern for the best! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  5. Gosh I need to banish my inner hoarder this year! I have loads of plans and goals for 2016 and all of them could be wrapped up in this word: ‘simplify’. Thanks for sharing sara, really interesting thoughts :) x

    1. My inner hoarder is strong! I think simplify is a really powerful word, and I am very hopeful that it will see me through 2016 x

  6. This is the perfect word for you as its something you’ve been thinking about for some time post Britmums. But this is clearly a considered and thoughtful approach to your new year, and an approach that I hope is going to make you happier in 2016

  7. It’s fascinating how a little idea will germinate in your brain and grow into an amazing sense of direction isn’t it? Simplify is a word I am trying to apply to my own life although its hard work I think I am getting there. It is so satisfying to know that I am tackling the things in life that I really care about. It will be worth it. xx

    1. It is, I’ve been thinking about it all for quite a while now. I think I know where I’m going, but I still need to get some shape to it all x

  8. Jenny | Jenny on a Plate

    This post has really resonated with me. My main goal for 2016 is to stop taking on too many things – both physically and figuratively, so I guess you could say my goal is also to simplify, but I didn’t put it in such a simple way (which probably shows how far I have to work towards simplicity…!). I certainly believe that by clearing out the clutter in your life, you are making room for more positivity, creativity and, ultimately, more opportunities which will make you thrive. x

    1. Lots of luck with your goals Jenny. I completely agree and I really do believe that clearing out the clutter will leave room for so much more x

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