Project 366: Week 4: 024-030








024: Snow: we missed the worst of the blizzard, but still got a few inches.
025: Ice: a trail of ice on my windscreen.
026: Snowman: at last, they were able to build a snowman!
027: Tea: catching up with a friend who made a fab cream tea for us.
028: Smash: kicking snow has been a thing this week…
029: Picnic: the wee girls current favourite lunch.
030: Build: the 6yo getting ready to build another Meccano model!

Project 366: a photo a day, every day, for a year.
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20 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 4: 024-030”

  1. The ice is so pretty on your car – bet you’re glad you missed a huge dumping of the white stuff but at least there is some to play in. What a nice looking cream tea and your girl has one of my favourite light lunches there! X

    1. The ice was pretty, and yes, I’m very glad we missed the worst of the snow! The cream tea was yum, such a nice surprise and I have to admit, I had the same lunch :)

  2. I saw a video the other day about the snow blizzards in Virginia and wondered if you had had it is your area (sorry my USA geography is dreadful, I don’t know how far Virginia is from you!). It is nice to get a little snow. Hope you have a great week x #project366

  3. the indoor picnic looks fab, think i’ll have to do that when the summer comes and it’s too hot to go out, I love the ice photo on the windscreen, I’d love to have some cold weather just for a day or so

    1. It has been nice to have some snow. Not that I want as much as last year, but a little for the kids to play in is fine with me :)

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