Me and Mine: January 2016

Me and Mine January 2016

There is a distinct lack of photographs of my little family; of all five of us, together. As I’m sure is the case in most families, someone is always behind the camera. In our family, that is generally me.

I began taking part in the Siblings project last year, and I have loved watching my children change and grow. Their shifting dynamic has been endlessly fascinating and I am very much looking forward to looking back over 2016 in the same way as I have been able to with 2015.

But, this year I want more pictures of us all, together. I want to be able to look back on a year of family photos alongside a year of sibling images.

Knowing full well that getting these photos will always be a last minute, somewhat random affair, I was very pleased to receive a selfie stick for Christmas.

I may only get snapshots, but I will get photos of the five of us!

As anticipated, these last minute photos were grabbed this afternoon.

Anyone who has read my siblings posts will know that photo shoots with the three always descend into farce, and the out-take photographs quickly became my favourites. So full of personality and fun.

It was exactly the same trying to get a photo of the five of us…

Me and Mine January 1

Me and Mine January 2

Me and Mine January 3

Me and Mine January 4

But, you know what, I suspect that these will become my favourites too.

Because this is my wonderful, amazing, crazy, funny, fabulous family. This is me, and mine.

Me and Mine January 5

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12 thoughts on “Me and Mine: January 2016”

  1. I am sooooo impressed Sara! I really wanted to join in this year but generally everytime I try and take a photo of us all someone ends up crying! Or at best the most ridiculous face. Maybe you are right and I will accept to love the silly faces – just as long as there are no tears!

  2. Lovely to see photos of all five of you and I love how much fun you are all having together in these photos – your children have the most wonderfully expressionate and animated faces which is just lovely to see in photos. They might be snapshots but they capture so much lovely and such a happy moment together as a family and that is what makes them special :-)

  3. I love imperfect photos, they have so much emotion in them and usually tell a lovely story. We should have done this too this year, we definitely have a lack of family photos!

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