Me and Mine: February 2016

Me and Mine February 1

February was a good month; a much needed good month. We had a great February vacation, including a couple of days away exploring. We played lots of games, had family movie nights, saw friends. We had a lot of fun.

Thrown into the mix was a weekend in Miami for me and a week in Mexico on business for my husband. All in all, a busy month!

At the beginning of February I decided to take blog break, only keeping up with The Prompt and photography projects over the course of the month. With the aim of kick starting my plan to simplify this year, it made for a productive, far calmer and happier month for me. Food for thought going forward…

As is often the way, life has been busy and chaotic lately. But, this month we prioritised family time and everyone has had input in to what we’ve done. It’s been wonderful.

It really is far too easy to let the everyday tasks and errands take over. Spending a little more time organising our days more efficiently around the must-dos has been hugely beneficial for all of us.

I know I’m finishing the month in a much more positive frame of mind.

We’ve done nothing complicated. We’ve just spent time together.

This month we’ve loved:

Going to the library. We had fallen out of the habit of doing this and it’s been great to see the wee girl and 6yo get as excited about books as their big brother.

Watching movies. We’ve got pizza or made popcorn and I have joined in the snuggles on the sofa instead of running around doing other things (or blogging).

Walking on the beach. During the vacation we spent a couple of days exploring the coast to the north of us and found a couple of fabulous beaches. Perfect for winter walks, good for the soul.

Playing games. Pictopia, Spot It and Crazy 8’s have been our favourites!

Spending time with friends. There have been lots of playdates, both for the kids and adults :)

I’m determined that next months photos will not be taken on a sofa, but with my husband away until last Friday evening and a birthday party to go to on Saturday afternoon and a Cub Scout event on Sunday (!) we grabbed the only opportunity we had to squeeze in a few family photos, just as we were leaving for the party!

And of course, the kids made faces :)

Me and Mine February 2

Me and Mine February 3

Me and Mine February 4

The Me and Mine Project




10 thoughts on “Me and Mine: February 2016”

  1. Sofa pictures tell the story of family life just as much as the pretty backdrops – you all look so cozy and snug together you can’t see them and not smile :)

  2. Ahhh what gorgeous captures this month darling these are amazing. I love all the fun and happiness in them and full of life. So cute!!! My fave of yours … #meandmineproject

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