Project 366: Week 9: 059-065








059: Create: finding another use for Jenga bricks!
060: Music: turning the volume right up on a favourite track.
061: New: the start of some signs of spring?
062: Play: keeping occupied while the boys were at the dentist.
063: Focus: playing a current favourite game, something to do with dragons!
064: Bats: according to the 6yo, this is a bat party…?!
065: Dusting: yesterday’s snow has left everything looking very pretty today :)

Project 366: a photo a day, every day, for a year.
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20 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 9: 059-065”

    1. That was just one of many Jenga creations :) Apparently we’re doing to have warm weather next week… here’s hoping!

  1. That Jenga bricks photo is great. Very stead hand to build that.

    It’s so nice to see catkins coming though. We’ve also had aafternoon/evening of snow, but thankfully no more since then.

  2. Love the bat party! When I see the catkins coming it always feels like spring time is on its way! I am amazed all of the Jenga pieces stayed stood up long enough for a picture. Hope you have a good week x #project366

    1. It is definitely starting to feel like spring might be on the way here, fingers crossed! He was very proud of his Jenga building :)

  3. Loving the bat party and the signs of spring, although it has got much colder here, with snow the other day and frost this morning, not quite sure what it will do to the plants! Its amazing at such a young age they know where the volume buttons are!

    1. Hmm, she’s too clever by half :) I’m hopeful that spring is well and truly on it’s way, fingers crossed!

  4. Are those catkins on the tree? I’m not too good at identifying things like that, but they are very pretty and give plenty of hope I find. I hope you haven’t been deluged with too much snow this Winter, apologies that I’ve not been able to keep up with visiting the 365 community recently as I’m struggling with the work/life balancing act! Love the bat party photo, and why have we not used Jenga blocks for a domino run before?

    Thanks for linking up.

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