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Over the last month we have had a few snowstorms. Nothing like the record breaking snow fall of last year, but enough for the kids to have a good time.

Each time it snows though, we have to shovel. This can be back breaking work, so any assistance, however small, helps…

Helping Daddy 1

Helping Daddy 2

Both the wee girl and the 6yo love to help daddy. Shoveling snow becomes a game if it means that they can get outside and do jobs. And, actually, they are a help. The 6yo at least :)

Snow can be heavy, but we have little shovels for the kids to use. Still, it takes some effort to lift a shovelful and toss it out of the way.

That doesn’t stop either of them from trying!

Helping Daddy 3

Helping Daddy 4

Helping Daddy 5

Helping Daddy 6

Of course, like most good things, it comes to an end and they get distracted. On this occasion it was by burying their arms in snow.

Buried in Snow 1

Buried in Snow 2

Buried in Snow 3

Buried in Snow 4

Buried in Snow 5

Which of course results in wet/cold hands! For the wee girl, an arm was enough. But the 6yo was up for more, and his dad got distracted too… So, before I knew it, the 6yo was completely covered in snow!

Buried in Snow 6

Buried in Snow 7

Needless to say, this was the end of our outdoor adventures, and a rather cold 6yo came inside for hot chocolate :)

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19 thoughts on “Outdoors: helping daddy”

  1. I LOVE these photos, they really made me smile! Shovelling snow looks like great fun :)
    I’m glad you’ve avoided the really bad snow like you had last year.

    1. Thank you Sarah! The kids had a lot of fun, and I’m so relieved that we’ve not had bad snow (so far!!).

  2. I am always so jealous of your snow fun come winter, I have so many great snow play ideas saved up over the years from your blog but still I’ve not had a chance to put them to good use! Lovely seeing your photos, it rather reminds me of a day at the beach using snow instead of sand with all that burying! What fun but oh so cold I’m not surprised they had to come in for hot chocolate, it looks lovely over my PC here but must be so cold in reality! Thank you so much for poping over to join me for #CountryKids

    1. It has been chilly, but really, we’ve got off very lightly this winter :) Lovely to be back on #countrykids!

    1. It was great to see them so happy to be out in the snow, and helping (after a fashion!). It was a bit chilly though :)

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