The Prompt: Silver

The Prompt 104: Silver

The pale moonlight hit the silver birch trees, making them shine. The forest, normally a place of refuge, took on an unearthly glow. It was as if he had stepped into a dream.

Or perhaps a nightmare.

He had run here without thinking. To the sanctuary and shelter of these trees. To their safe place; where they had spent hours talking, planning, dreaming.

They had been so young when they met. Newly Chosen, terrified. She had been taken from her family, leaving behind a mother, a brother, a sister. He had been taken from no one. They were so different, but they had each needed a friend.

And, as their world changed and their gifts brought them power, if not control, they had become so much more.

What went wrong?

He had been so sure that it would work, that they would succeed. That the storms would end, without the need for sacrifice, and they could live their lives in peace. Together.

I was wrong.

His arrogance had cost them everything.

And, he had run, leaving her behind. Leaving her to her fate.

What have I done?

He ran on, through the trees, the bright silvery light in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded his thoughts.

Running, but not escaping. How could he? He had failed her, failed himself. Failed them all.

The storms would go on, the Called would continue to steal people from their lives, the Lessers would continue to suffer.

And suddenly, he was through the trees. The moon continued to cast its light but the world no longer glowed. Reality shifted and he stopped.

I need to plan.

He breathed deeply. Focussing. It was there! He could feel a faint glimmer of the gift, at the very edge of his mind, small and cowering but still there; the ceremony had not taken everything. There was still hope.

He turned to look back towards the Citadel. She was there, he could sense her. She was scared. She was shattered. She was alone.

He started forward, not sure where he was going, but knowing where he would end up.

I will come back for you.

© Sara Murray, 3 March 2016



Sharing this post with Prose for Thought.

This story has been developing in little pieces and the idea continues to take shape… This episode is the first from the perspective of ‘him’ and was inspired by a beautiful silver birch tree that I passed on a walk last week! If you would like to read the story so far, in the order that events happen, click on the images below…





18 thoughts on “The Prompt: Silver”

  1. Brilliant hon, and totally left me wanting to read more! Are you writing a novel? Also, great idea to have the other snippets at the bottom in photo form, I’m definitely going to steal that idea. Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. Thanks lovely. I haven’t written more than I’ve published here, but I keep coming back to it, and there’s more in my head than on paper… Perhaps it will become a long, short story!

  2. Wow – what a concept writing parts of a story and then linking them together through the pictures posted below – love it!! This weekend, I am reading and reviewing the new paranormal romance book by T.F.Walsh – Cloaked in Secrecy – which is released 14th March – you might like to join in the launch through a “Thunderclap”by visiting her blog?

  3. Oh I am intrigued – will be stopping by to read the rest of these episodes, exactly my kind of story (would definitely buy the book). Just love the way you write. Will grab a brew and read on…

    1. Thank you Jo, I keep flitting between Dystopian and Fantasy… think it’s a little of both to be honest :)

    1. Thank you Leigh, it’s been a while since I’ve written a piece, but enjoyed writing this one. Hoping to get back into it now :) I love dystopian fiction, think this may end up with a little fantasy magic thrown in too :)

  4. I’ve enjoyed every part of this story! I love dystopian stuff and this sounds like it could be a YA novel. I love it as snippets but it definitely has scope beyond – it’s beautifully written, intriguing and gripping! #prose4t

  5. I like this. Feels like a credible passage from a novel for young adults. Will have a peek at earlier posts. I like the novelty of using a prompt.

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