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Update 9 September 2014: This week a wonderful new linky What I’m Writing starts and I really wanted to join in. Revisiting this post, that kicked off The Prompt, seemed appropriate. It describes why I love to write, and now entering Week 34 of The Prompt I can honestly say that it has been amazing! I have loved the challenge and I have been so inspired by all the wonderful writers who join in each week. When The Prompt started I wrote ‘A piece of writing can convey information, knowledge, emotion; it can take us to places we’ve never been and change our world view. It can make us cry or it can make us laugh. It can challenge our perceptions, our misconceptions. It can teach us.’ and every week I see this to be true. I feel very lucky to have discovered blogging and more than lucky that I am finally, actually, writing.

The Prompt Featured Image

There are two things that I have become passionate about since starting my blog: photographs and writing.

Passion for pictures
I take a ridiculous number of photographs, but I am very keen to improve my photography. I tend to default to using my iPhone, and although I have captured some fantastic images (in fact, to date virtually all the photographs on my blog have been taken with my phone) I want to start using the ‘proper’ camera more. To that end, this year I am doing Project 365; a photo a day. I will be posting weekly round-ups, and I hope that over the year I will be inspired and challenged, learn and improve.

Wonder of words
I have always enjoyed writing. I have never been a ‘creative’ writer, but I have always written; whether that be diaries, reports or presentations. Coming from a technical background I am interested in how writing and images can convey an idea or thoughts, facts or opinion. Over the course of my career I have spent a lot of time presenting technical concepts, often to lay audiences, where the use of language becomes crucial to understanding. I have written many a bid document, where language is used to convey information, sell an idea, instil confidence; win!

Now, I write about my family; about activities and events, days out and baking; about motherhood and identity. I love to write to a title, a quote, an idea, a headline: something that inspires. Some of my favourite posts have been inspired by a quote or a word.

In fact, I find that the posts I get the most pleasure from writing (aside from the photograph heavy ones!) are those that make me think. Those that discuss my views; my feelings and thoughts; concepts and ideas. But, these are the posts that I write least often. As I keep up with my on-line diary (and with the various linkys I enjoy) I run out of time to just write.

I read some wonderful blogs, with truly talented writers. This is not a group a count myself among, but I do like to think that my writing has improved over the last year and that I have developed a style, a voice. I want to develop this during 2014.

I want to challenge myself, push beyond my comfort zone. So, each week I am going to set myself a challenge: a prompt. This does not mean I will write fewer narrative tales; recording our days and our adventures; because these are the core of my blog – they are why I started. But, I will spend more time writing for me.

I often read tweets from others suffering writers block, or looking for ideas for posts. I know I find myself in that situation, often because these is simply too much that I could write about and I don’t know where to start. It made me wonder if perhaps others would welcome the challenge, to flex their writing muscles a little :)

To take a title and write something: a few lines, a few paragraphs, an anecdote, a story, a poem, a cartoon; anything! For me it’s all about communicating and enjoying the power, inspiration, humour and wonder of words.

So, I am thinking of opening this up as a linky… *laughs nervously, wonders if anyone would join in*

I will publish The Prompt (a title, topic, quote, headline, word…) on a Sunday and the resulting post the following Friday. I will post my first prompt next Sunday, 12 January…

I would love to know if you’d like to join in?!


[Update: After a lovely, positive response (thank you all), I’m going to bite the bullet, nothing ventured and all that, and I will be launching this linky on Sunday…]

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42 thoughts on “The Prompt”

  1. I love your writing. You don’t try to be funny or put an angle on it. You just write and it’s really engaging and always a good read. I will definitely look out for your prompts :)

  2. Vaidehi Chincholkar

    That does sound like a lovely idea. I don’t think I will be any good, but I would love to try out ‘The Prompt’. Perhaps you could tweet the prompt? x

  3. This sounds like a fabulous idea Sara. There is a similar American linky (which I’ve never been brave enough to join in with!) that posts a prompt and asks you to spend just 5 minutes writing from the heart on that subject. I always think it sounds challenging but fun. Well done for thinking of this and ‘going for it’! I will certainly look out for it and hope to join in. x

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  5. I love your blog, and the way you write, and always enjoy visiting you :) I think I will try and join your prompt as long as it’s more writing then photos, as my photography is not up to your standards these days… I blame the phones. Because it’s always easier to blame someone else :)
    But please do let me know when it goes live!

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  8. I find The Prompt so inspiring – I’ve let it fall by the wayside a bit over the summer but am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things once my edit’s properly underway! I keep meaning to use it to inspire more creative pieces too – might be just the ticket to avoid my brain stagnating with rewrites… x #whatimwriting

  9. I love your Prompt Sara, it’s such a fab linky – always makes me think and often takes me out of my comfort zone. I’m glad that you’ve got so much out of blogging, I can imagine setting up a new life in the States would have been so much harder without it. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly and I have a wonderful memory of waiting to be called for baby boy’s three month scan reading a post of yours about a market. It’s great to have connected with you, and I hope to meet you one day xxx #whatimwriting

  10. I always want to join in but everything else seems to get in the way and I’m trying to balance my creative writing with blogging and freelance which doesn’t always work-one usually gets less attention than I’d like each week!
    I always always your posts and I too have found a renewed love for words and photography :)

  11. I love the quote (of yours) you put in the new introduction to this – it really sums up what writing can do and why we all love it! It’s also interesting to read why you started the prompt. I’m SO glad you did and that it has been such a success – it’s a fab idea. I only started linking about six weeks ago but you’ve prompted me to write a new piece of poetry or flash fiction every time! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting x

  12. Look at you now!
    I love #theprompt so much. It gives me a reason to open up the emotional floodgates and write things that I probably wouldn’t normally write (I hadn’t written poetry in years before these linkies – and there is a reason for this which culminated in some awful lyrics for a song in 2005!). I marvel at how you come up with something every week to inspire all of us and I’m so glad I found it. Well done, Sara, and thank you for linking up, sharing this post and running an awesome linky xx #whatimwriting

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