How to make a Minecraft Diamond Sword cupcake cake

Both of my sons are huge Minecraft fans. At six and nine, this seems to be a fairly common obsession! So, when it came to my nine year old’s birthday, a Minecraft cake was the obvious choice (as I had already made a Skylanders one for the six year old’s birthday!).

I liked the idea of making a sword or an axe. I also wanted to make cupcakes rather than a cake. Much easier to serve and eat!

With a bit of help from Pinterest for the design, and some guessing of amounts etc. as I couldn’t find a tutorial, I made a Diamond Sword cake.

It was a hit, and my nine year old still mentions it. I’m going to struggle to top it for his tenth birthday :)

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How to make a Minecraft Diamond Sword Cupcake Cake: super easy step-by-step tutorial

MINECRAFT DIAMOND SWORD CAKE TUTORIAL: Step by step instructions to make this Minecraft sword out of cupcakes

To make your own Diamond Sword, like this one, you will need:

A brownie tin (to make square cupcakes)
Plain cake mix (shop bought or homemade), enough for 16 squares
Chocolate cake mix (shop bought or homemade), enough for 15 squares
Chocolate frosting (approx 8oz)
Light blue frosting (approx 4oz)
Dark blue frosting (approx 8oz)
A large board (approx 32″x50″)

I used the brownie tin/square cupcakes as Minecraft is all about the blocks, but standard round cupcakes would work too.

Lightly grease the brownie tin, I used a baking spray, so that you don’t need cupcake liners and bake the cupcakes as your cake mix/recipe requires. I used two standard cake mixes which each made 18 square cupcakes.

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 1

Cover a large, stiff board with foil. I used a piece of scrap wood, but a couple of sheets of thick cardboard would do the job. Lay out your cupcakes in the pattern shown below.

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 2

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 3

Begin icing your cakes. I used ready made frosting in can, with the straight nozzle, but a piping bag with a straight edged nozzle would do the trick (I admit to taking the easy option here!).

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 4

To keep with the ‘block’ theme I iced them in series of straight lines. I used two different shades of blue icing, and then chocolate for the sword hilt.

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 5

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 6

I started at the point of the sword and worked my way down, pushing the cupcakes together as I went. Take care how you lay them out, they are tricky (and messy) to move once iced!

The finished cake will look something like this…

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 7

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake Tutorial 8

I have to say, this is one of the easiest, and most effective cakes I’ve made for the kids. A little time consuming, icing each cake individually, but it was so much easier to serve at the birthday party. I’m not a huge fan of large amounts of frosting anyway, and neither are my kids, so this was perfect with only the top of the cakes iced (and no frosting/mess on the sides…).

The kids could just grab a cupcake and go, no cutlery required!

Like this? Here are some more ideas for you to try!

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31 thoughts on “How to make a Minecraft Diamond Sword cupcake cake”

  1. Ally Mother Under Measure

    That’s amazing! My boy is too young for Minecraft thankfully, but I think swords may pop up anyway in the future so I’ll bear this in mind, it’s ace! x

  2. This is so brilliant in all the ways! I’ve become a birthday cupcake convert lately – they are so much easier and cleaner than traditional cake. And this looks like I could actually do it without knowing anything about fancy cake decorating. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be pinning this!

  3. Kellie Kearney

    This is brilliant, I love it! Minecraft fans here who I won’t be showing this too lol, she’ll only want it for her party on Sunday x

  4. What a fantastic idea, my youngest would love this for his birthday. It looks a lot simpler than I would have thought to make it. Well done

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  6. This is fantastic!! I am currently planning my 6 yr old son’s Minecraft birthday, and you have saved me lots of time and trouble with this awesome idea! Love it!

  7. I’m super impressed with this brownie tray/pixel art idea. I am designing all sorts of yum stuff in my head as write this. Savoury stuff too, what if you made lasagne and shepherds pie and quiche? I think you’ll do just fine topping this idea for the next year. Mind you there’s something to be said for not setting the bar too high.

  8. kathleen grubenhoff

    Thank you! Making this for my grandson’ s 4th B’day!!Mindcraft obsession started early!

  9. Prairie L Todd

    This is great! Thanks for posting. My son wants a Minecraft party and we are going with the diamond theme. This cake will be perfect. My question for you: Was your cake board really that big? I picked up a standard sized cake board and it is only 14×21. If i do 32×50 there won’t be room for anything else on the table. Do you think I could get away with anything smaller?

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      To make the cake this size, with this number of cupcakes, you couldn’t go much smaller than the board I used. BUT, if you were to just do a single line of cupcakes for the blade/hilt of the sword and make the handle smaller too, you could reduce the overall size quite a bit. AND/OR make the overall sword shorter, so maybe 3/4 lines instead of 6 and lose a line off the hilt too. I guess it partly depends how many people you want to feed, assuming one cupcake per person? I also wonder if standard round cupcakes might reduce the overall size too. The squares I used are quite big in themselves…

      1. Prairie L Todd

        I made the cake last weekend. It was a big hit. I referred to the pictures several times, and I really appreciated them. We made our own frosting and had to add sprinkles, too, of course. I ended up getting 4 standard cake boards for 9×13 cakes. I taped them together on the back and then outlined the design and cut it out to save room on the table. So we essentially had another sword shaped board.

        1. Sara | mumturnedmom

          So glad it was a success, and what a great idea to make the board sword shaped too! Love it :) Thanks so much for letting me know how you got on xx

  10. Wow this is genius! Love it. Hoping my son will still be into Minecraft when he turns 11 next Sept! PS Do you know if its poss to get that kind of ready made icing in the UK?

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Thank you Siobhan! As for the icing, I’m not sure… you can certainly get ready-made frosting, but I’m not sure you can get these cans, so you might need to use a piping bag instead…

  11. Hi Sara,

    Great cake, just wondering how big was each square and how big was the cake board you used?

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Hi Natalie, thank you! I made a board, 32″x50″ specifically for this cake and each square was 2.5″x2.5″ (6.5cmx6.5cm) – made using a square cupcake/brownie tin.

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  14. What was the size of the board you show in the photos? 50 inches long seems like it would be huge! I’ll be making this in 2 days and need to find a board, fabulous idea!!

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      It was a huge cake! Because I used the brownie tin, each ‘cupcake’ was quite big, so the overall length of the cake was massive. But, it was to feed a group at a party so, it was perfect. If you want to make a smaller cake, you could use smaller ‘brownie’ squares than the tin I used, or make it slightly shorter by taking out a ‘line’ or two, and then you wouldn’t need quite such a large board :) But, yes, it was 50″ long!

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