Me and Mine: March 2016

Me and Mine March 1

Guess what? This months photos were taken on the sofa :) And just like last month, we were on our way out, this time to lunch with friends!

It’s been a busy month, and grabbing a few quick (not especially good) photos as we ran out the door pretty much sums up March for us.

It’s been a month of extremes.

From a week where illness over took the house to a fun week of birthday preparations to an exhausting week of birthday, swimming and scout events. Followed by a fun Easter weekend.

It’s not an understatement to say that everyone is VERY tired!

We have Spring Break to look forward to, in a couple of weeks time. We will all be ready for it.

But, despite the craziness, we’ve had a lot of fun this month :)

This month we’ve loved:

Birthdays. The wee girl turned four! We had a lovely tea party with her friends the weekend before her birthday and then enjoyed ice cream cake and a Cub Scout event on her actual birthday…

Movies. Just like last month, we’ve enjoyed snuggling up and watching movies together.

Snow. Yup, spring arrived with a covering of the white stuff. This time we built a snowman and a snow fort :)

Colour Wonder pens. The wee girl’s new favourite activity. And the boys have been known to join in too.

Planning. The husband and I have some surprises lined up for April vacation. Can’t wait!

Me and Mine March 2

After realizing that these particular sofa shots were far too backlit (and showed WAY too much cleavage), we moved to a different spot to lose the halo effect…

Somewhere along the line, we also lost the 9yo.

Me and Mine March 3

Me and Mine March 4

Ah well. Better luck next month!

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9 thoughts on “Me and Mine: March 2016”

  1. Hope you’re all feeling much better now. I can’t believe your little girl is four years old. How did that happen? I know what you mean about mad months. Hope you have a really brilliant spring break x

    1. Thank you Tas, everyone is almost 100% healthy, and no longer 100% tired… hopefully April will be a bit calmer :)

    1. It was a little busy! Hoping that April is a little calmer!
      I have to admit, getting all three of mine looking at the camera at the same time is little short of a miracle, but I quite like the ‘out-takes’ :)

    1. Yes, it was the illness that scuppered us, I think we’d have been fine otherwise, even with the craziness!

  2. Ah I think the photos are all lovely though your 9yr olds face did make me chuckle in the last ones! We’ve had a similar March with a mix of illness and fun and we are all pretty shattered. Hoping for a healthier happy April. Look forward to seeing what you get up to on vacation! Xx

  3. I’m very impressed that you managed to get everyone looking at the camera – I struggle with that with two children and it must be even more challenging with three! Hope everyone is feeling better now and hope you have a lovely spring vacation :-)

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