Outdoors: Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA

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During February vacation we went exploring, making the most of a couple of days away and the glorious sunshine.

The weather may have been cold, but it was the freezing, invigorating cold of perfect blue sky days.

On our first day away we ventured to Gloucester and Rockport, on our second day we visited Ipswich and the simply stunning Crane Beach.

Crane Beach 1

Crane Beach 2

Crane Beach 3

Crane Beach 4

I cannot begin to express how cold it was. The wind coming in off the sea was frigid, and we looked ready for an artic expedition rather than a walk along the beach. Hats on, hoods up, hands buried in pockets; we strode along, noses pink and eyes watering.

All these photos were taken in quick snatches before mittens simply had to go back on!

Despite the cold, the kids made the most of the vast expanse of sand. Apart from the odd, brave dog walker, we had the beach to ourselves.

Crane Beach 5

Crane Beach 6

Crane Beach 7

Crane Beach 8

Crane Beach 9

The kids were fascinated when we found a huge sun bleached tree, smoothed by the elements. A beautiful, natural sculpture.

How did it get there, where did it come from?

Crane Beach 15

Crane Beach 16

As we wandered, I hung back, watching. I knew we wouldn’t last long, it really was too cold, but I wanted to savour the moment. The huge sky, the perfect sand, the laughter from the children. My family, together.

Crane Beach 10

Crane Beach 11

Crane Beach 12

Crane Beach 13

Crane Beach 14

We didn’t venture too far along the beach, knowing that we would be walking back into the wind. But before we turned I captured this image of my family, walking together, their footsteps laid out behind them.

A perfect moment.

Crane Beach 17

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51 thoughts on “Outdoors: Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA”

    1. It is stunning Donna, can’t believe we haven’t been there before. We’ll be back! When it’s warmer :)

  1. I love the picture of your family walking together with footprints in the sand behind them. What an amazing day out in spite of the cold. I’ve been to Rockport on holiday, but never made it to Ipswich or Gloucester.

  2. I love Ipswich! My family and I used to vacation in Massachusetts all the time and this used to be our favorite spot. We haven’t been back in years, but I’m hoping when we get a chance to, I can take my daughter there and capture similar images to what you did here (maybe minus the frigid cold, though). Thanks for sharing this with us, Sara! So glad, that despite the cold, your family had a great time :)

    1. I can’t believe we hadn’t been before, but it was stunning! We’ll definitely go back when the weather is better :)

  3. What a gorgeous beach…those blue skies are just glorious!! I can imagine how cold it was though, we’ve just had a little trip to Cornwall and even then we’ve been super wrapped up!! Sea air :) xx

  4. Kellie Kearney

    Stunning. I love that you still went the beach even though it was so cold. You captured some amazing shots.

    1. Head north to Scotland and you’ll find some beaches like this :) But it was truly stunning, and the driftwood was awesome x

  5. That is crazy how cold it was, but oh my how beautiful! I hope you will get to return in the summer and stick your toes in :) That last picture is a keeper for sure! Thanks for sharing this at the Happy Now Link-up!

    1. Oh, it was bitterly cold, but just so beautiful, and I was so pleased with the photos. Thanks for hosting x

  6. What absolutely stunning photos! I can imagine how cold it would’ve been, even on a mild day on the beach here in Bournemouth it’s freezing! Lovely post :)

    – Cydney x

  7. I have to say that I love the clean sand and ocean water but we were bitten by greenhead flies, we applied bug spray but that was not helpful.

    1. I have heard that about the beaches on that stretch of coast, but as we haven’t made it up there in the summer yet, we haven’t experienced it. From speaking to others there seems to be a definite season to the greenheads?

  8. I can’t wait for the summer so we can go beach exploring. It’s just been so horrid that we haven’t braved it yet. Beautiful photos!

  9. Beaches in winter are, in my opinion, rather better than in the blinding heat of high summer. That one looks great for a lovely fresh walk and what a fabulous find in the bleached tree!

    1. I agree! Although, since moving to the US I have become more of a summer beach person that I was before :)

  10. That really is a beautiful beach, I can see why its a favourite. Love that last photo especially with all the footprints…perfect x

  11. You did warn me you had some gorgeus beach photos to share and they really are. I love the idea of you hanging back to watch the family play. I’m shivering at the thought of the biting wind and yet if I didn’t see the coats and hoods or read the words it could look like mid summer. Beach are so deceptive on a beauitiful bright day. Thank you for sharing with me on CountryKids

  12. That is a simply stunning beach. Those huge vistas of the sky and sun bleached sand. Well worth wrapping up warm for I would say! :-) #countrykids

  13. What a beautiful beach to explore – and that tree! I think there’s something rather magical about beaches in the winter as you get them all to yourselves if you brave the cold. Gorgeous photos too!

    1. I agree, I love going to the beach in the winter, but I have to say, it would have been nice if it had been a little less cold!

  14. Oh my those skies!! Your cold trip to the beach reminds me of family weekend outings in Norway when I was a child. We used to take the dog to the beach and walk for miles and it was coooooold. This looks like the perfect place to get away from it all. Thanks for linking to #TravelAtHome

  15. stunning photos of an amazing beach. it’s strange how our perspective of blue skies indicates it must be warm/hot weather. It was like that in South Africa, blue skies and wrapped up against the cold bitter air

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