Our Summer Bucket List

Last year we had an amazing summer. We had adventures and discovered new places, but also had lots of simple fun.

We wrote a summer bucket list for the first time last year and it was such a success. The phrase I’m bored was rarely heard and we were never short of something to do.

It’s a worry though, isn’t it, when something’s worked so well? That it won’t be quite so good next time!

Our Summer Bucket List

Life has been a bit chaotic (not unusual) and despite best intentions we hadn’t written this years bucket list. I was feeling very disorganized.

So, last week I sat down and chatted to the kids, writing down any ideas that they had.

Just like last year, most of it is simple stuff. Going to the library, playing in the garden, eating ice cream. But, there were requests to go camping, go back to Cape Cod and make it up to Maine again. The Aquarium featured (it’s a favourite!) as did the Science Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. And, of course, food is a priority with restaurants, cafes and picnics!

I’ve added a few places I’d like to visit too :)

And, we’re still adding to it!

Just like last year I popped each idea on a post-it and stuck them on a kitchen cupboard. Each time we do an activity we put a sticker on the post it. It’s easy to add more post-its too!

We’ve already started ticking things off and I’m looking forward to seeing more and more stickers added.

Summer Bucket List June

Last year the changing dynamic with the three helped hugely and getting out and about was easier than it ever had been before. This year can only be easier, and after our hugely successful trip to New York City over April vacation, I am feeling really positive about this summer. We already have our pool/beach bags sorted. Getting out the door is easy. Everyone is happy to walk and to stay out all day.

Bring it on!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the vacation will be as successful as last year, and that the kids declare THIS the best summer ever :)



12 thoughts on “Our Summer Bucket List”

  1. I love this idea. We have post its too but weren’t using stickers. Your way the kids can see that their wants are being taken care of. Excuse me while I copy your idea

  2. I love making bucket lists! I had one last summer and really enjoyed making my way through it. Love how you’ve done yours on post-its that you can rip off when done :) x

  3. I love the idea of a Summer bucket list. My eldest start’s school in September so i’m trying to cram in as much fun stuff for him as i can before then and this is something that would work really well for us i reckon xxx

  4. I love the idea of having a summer bucket list – now that the threat of surgery isn’t hanging over us, we can make some plans for our summer. I do like your way of doing it with Post-It notes and stickers and am very tempted to do the same. Good luck with ticking off all the things on your list! :-)

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