Me and Mine: September 2016

September, where did you go? One minute the kids were going back to school and the next? October.

Honestly, the whole month is a blur of re-establishing routines, re-starting sports and back-to-school events. But, the inevitable start of term exhaustion has meant lots of quiet, family focused weekends. While the weekdays have been hectic, and weekend mornings for that matter, with soccer matches and swim classes, we’ve enjoyed lazy afternoons and evenings.

And it’s been wonderful.


With the kids back at school, the boring day-to-day errands can be done before they get home. The weekends can remain largely free of tasks. Which means more time for us, and we’ve been making the most of it. So much so that my husband commented on what a fun weekend we had last weekend. We did nothing special, it even included a trip to Home Depot (the DIY list never ends!), but by Sunday night the clearest memory of the weekend was laughter.

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.
Joyce Brothers

As someone who finds it hard to switch off and likes to always have a plan (cue wry laughter from my other half), it’s telling that the best weekends are the ones we haven’t planned.

We need little else than time to just enjoy each other.

Sitting at the dinner table last night listening to the kids regale us with tales of their days at school I was reminded again how true that is.

As we all laughed at the wee girl’s attempted rendition of the letter of the week song (it’s B this week, in case you were wondering), I was struck by the how far we’ve come as a family. What a solid unit we are. How grown up the kids are getting, and how fun, involved and inclusive dinner-table conversation is now.

I could see many sociable evenings ahead of us, as we continue to grow as a family. Many more stories and much laughter. And that made me very happy.




Here’s to me and mine in September.

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