Mess: colour mixing glitter potions

It’s often the simplest things that provide hours of entertainment and this easy colour mixing activity, with added glitter, is one of them!

Over the summer, and even into early autumn, we’ve been making potions in the garden. Although we’ve now moved this activity into the bath (minus the glitter!) – as temperatures have dropped a bit too much to get this wet while playing outside! – it’s still a favourite.


My daughter has always loved playing with water, whether at her water table or a sink of soapy, bubbly water. She can spend hours pouring water, mixing colours and creating potions. Mud often features, but I think I prefer the glitter!

We hadn’t used the tuff spot for ages, but it came out of retirement over the summer and was well used as a potion creating station.

Each time, different colours were requested. A few drops of food colouring in a cup of water and we’d be good to go. Every time we ended up with a dark, murky potion, at which point glitter would be demanded!

We often do colour mixing activities, whether with paint or food colouring, and it’s a great way to teach kids their primary and secondary colours.

They never do believe that mixing more than two colours will eventually result in a murky brown though :)

Making potions with coloured water is super simple, and a lot of fun. A great summer, or winter (depending on your attitude to messy play indoors!) activity.

All you need is cups/tubs/jugs, water, food colouring, spoons. And a change of clothes :)








And adding glitter, well, that takes the potions to a whole new level!




We had a lot of adventures over the summer, but sometimes all you need is some water and lots of imagination.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




11 thoughts on “Mess: colour mixing glitter potions”

  1. Awww, such sweet photos and this is an activity we did so much of when my girls were younger. My six year old can still be found in the garden making potions – often mixed with herbs and flower petals. #countrykids

  2. Such a good, but simple, idea! My toddler likes ges pouring water between containers but if not thought of adding colouring and glitter to the mix… we will give it a try so thanks for inspiring!

  3. N absolutely loves playing with water, although we’ve not done anything like this for a long time. It’s so simple, but fun for kids. #countrykids

  4. I can’t believe this is one I still haven’t tried with the children staying here. I love watching your snow painting in winter which must be a variation on the theme, but while we don’t ever get the snow there is no reason not to try this one out. I know how much children love mixing paint colours so coloured water will definitely appeal.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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