Review: Nessa Foye Bunting

Regular readers will know that I have been on a mission to simplify this year. To lose the clutter, both mentally and physically. To create spaces that make me happy and relaxed.

We’ve done so much work to the fabric of our house, it looks wonderful from the outside, but we’ve made little progress internally. This is not surprising, there are only so many hours in the day and we have a lot to do.

But, getting one room finished has been a goal! Preferably one that I can enjoy on a daily basis.

So, the focus shifted to the living room. A beautiful, sunny room with huge windows and a gorgeous fireplace. This is the room I spend the most time in. Whether it’s drinking my morning cup of tea, curled up with a book or snuggled on the sofa in the evening watching TV.

It’s my quiet space, one that the kids don’t use (well, we’re working on it anyway). It is a toy-free zone, a grown up room.

My husband finished painting it a few months ago, a lovely soothing grey, and I have spent the last few months styling.

While decluttering has been a priority, making it feel cosy and welcoming has also been key. I will never be a stark minimalist, but I am learning to focus on a few key elements, rather than the cluttered shelves and tabletops of my past. Less is more.

The fireplace is the focus of the room, and I was thrilled when I found just the right mirror to hang above it. The addition of a couple of strings of lights in place of a fire has given the illusion of warmth and I have chosen a few objects to display on the mantelpiece. A dragon that my husband and I bought on our honeymoon, a star tea-light holder, my wish letters (a Christmas decoration that I’ve had for years that is now a permanent fixture!), a fabulous silver toadstool which is my new favourite knick-knack and a pretty wire birdcage. I realized after I had chosen what to display that there was a rather magical theme to it all!

Oh, and there’s a plant I haven’t killed yet.

When my friend Nessa asked if I would review the gorgeous bunting that she makes and sells through her Etsy shop, I knew exactly where it would go.

I’m such a dither when it comes to making final decisions, but Nessa knew exactly what I meant when I described the colours and patterns that I had in mind, and she chose the most wonderful fabrics.

A perfect finishing touch for my fireplace.

Nessa’s handmade, double sided fabric bunting is simply beautiful. Incredibly well made, the attention to detail and quality are superb. She chooses her fabrics and patterns perfectly and has a lovely selection of pre-made bunting available in her shop.

But, she also does custom orders. My bunting was made for me. I discussed with Nessa where I was planning to hang it and what colours I was thinking of. She took me through the styling, the fabric patterns that she thought would work well and then showed me the specific fabrics she was planning to use, to allow me final input into the design. She even took the measurements of my fireplace to get it just right.

The result is exactly what I was looking for!

Life is busy, chaotic even, and my living room has become my sanctuary. Somewhere I can relax and switch off. My husband laughs, as I visibly relax when I sit down, and smile when I look around the room. Sitting in a room that is clutter-free, pretty and cosy makes a real difference to my mood. It proves to me that my mission to simplify is important and necessary. But, it has also shown me that a room doesn’t need to be bare to be uncluttered. You just need to love everything that is left.

Nessa’s bunting is perfect for weddings, showers, parties, home d├ęcor and more. Whether you have a specific colour scheme in mind, or wish to add a name for a personal touch, she can discuss all the details with you and create the perfect string of bunting.

With Christmas just around the corner, she has a wonderful selection of holiday bunting available to buy now! Here is just a taster.

Nessa’s bunting is available to ship world-wide and all the details, and prices, can be found at the Nessa Foye Etsy Shop.

I’m thrilled with my bunting and (shhh, don’t tell my husband) I’ll be getting more as we continue to decorate the other rooms in our house!

*I was given one string of bunting free of charge for the purposes of this review, but all opinions and words are my own.*


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