Reflections: Week 3

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It’s been one of those weeks where you get to the end and can’t quite work out what’s kept you so busy, but you’re exhausted anyway!

It was a long weekend here (Martin Luther King Day followed by a teacher Professional Development day), which was lovely. My husband had been away for a few days, and didn’t get back until Sunday evening, so having Monday and Tuesday off meant that we had our ‘weekend’ a couple of days late. We relaxed, pottered around the house, enjoyed breakfast in one of our favourite cafes. Perfect.

Then, three days of school passed in a flash (although it felt like five!) and suddenly it was Friday again.

My little girl doesn’t go to preschool on a Friday, and I really look forward to our morning together. Just the two of us.

Last week, it didn’t go to plan… After a dance class where her behaviour was SO awful – spirited, ha! challenging, willful and cheeky more like! – the rest of the day was less than stellar.

This week, she was under strict instructions to behave at dance. There was even a pinky promise.

And, I may have bribed her. Just a little. Traditionally we go to Starbucks for a treat after dance. Last week we didn’t. Obviously. This week she asked if we could go to Dunkin Donuts. I said we could, but only if she was on her very best behavior.

To be fair, she did really well, and we both enjoyed our pink iced doughnuts.

Part of me feels that I shouldn’t be rewarding her for simply doing what she SHOULD be doing. But, I do understand that she still finds it difficult to regulate and control her extrovert nature in situations where she needs to be one of the group rather than an individual.

I have to remind myself that she is only four, and she’s working hard on learning the appropriate behaviour in lots of different situations. It must be confusing at times.

So, I will continue to buy her the odd pink doughnut to show how proud I am when I can see that she’s trying her best.

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38 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 3”

  1. If someone wants to buy me one of these donuts then I promise to behave as well! Bless her, four is a slightly mad age in my experience. So lively and opinionated, hard work but rewarding in so many ways.

    Stevie x

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      It is, isn’t it? I have to say, she is harder work in this regard than her brothers were, but her determined nature will ultimately stand her in good stead… I hope I can survive it though :)

  2. Aw, that’s a gorgeous photo of her.

    Its interesting to see how children cope, and I can see similar extroverts in N’s tennis club class. And the ones who’ve not been through the strict behaviour rules at his school. There’s a few boys who’re typical boys and never listen and get distracted, one who looks like he would never want to be there. Anda couple of girls who go through over excited phases.

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      I’m hoping that starting school this year will help! Preschool has been good for her, but it’s still a fairly small group and she has a lot of freedom :) We’ll see!

  3. i don’t see it as a reward for doing what she should be doing, i would if it was an expensive toy, but a donut with mum is great, i just see that as the normal response for a child who is happy and cooperative and well behaved, i found taking things from my kids never stopped the behaviour.

  4. Hi Sara, a bit of encouragement can go a long way to helping children quickly learn how to behave correctly. There are times when some adults find it hard to behave in the correct manner, so having a ‘spirited’ dance lesson is bound to happen once in a while with a four-year-old… I love that word ‘spirted’. It reminds me of Mustang horses. Odd I know.


  5. even adults have their off days and hubby strops in public still, I think you are quite right, she behaved well and was rewarded, and she enjoyed the mum and daughter time rather than being moody and sullen to add to the not to good a dance class.
    Glad you got to enjoy a late weekend with hubby, we all need time with our partners without the kids.

  6. What a lovely photo and I’m sure a bit of bribery or the occasional treat is a perfectly acceptable way to ensure good behaviour! I know my 4 year old niece struggles with her behaviour quite a bit, but that’s what you expect at that age.

  7. I have the same dilemma sometimes. I think the trick is for the reward not to become a habit and to use if sparingly, but sometimes you need to do it to get them through a difficult phase.

  8. Oh the number of times we’ve done this. I find that sometimes they just get so excited that they can’t help themselves. We’ve done the reminder plus reward many a time and it works a treat. That doughnut looks very nice too :)

  9. and yet she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in your photo of her! my boys are very high spirited – it can be hard work! We all use bribery – I have to most days just to get me through until bedtime ha ha! Lovely doughnut, yummy.

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