Winter: early spring sunshine

After several weeks where snow was definitely the over-riding theme, February vacation gave us a wonderful taste of some early spring sunshine. It’s now freezing again, of course, but it was lovely to feel warmth on our faces. Even if just for a few days.

We made the most of it over vacation, spending far more time outside than expected. We went for walks, spent a morning in Boston, played with friends and had a picnic. Outside. Without coats.

It was wonderful.

We took a walk through one of our favourite places, Breakheart Reservation, running along the paths that take us to the beach. There was still snow on the ground, and the lake was still frozen, but the weather was just awesome. Perfect for a picnic looking out over the lake.

Early Spring Sunshine 1
Early Spring Sunshine 2
Early Spring Sunshine 3

Breakheart is beautiful at the best of times, but how’s that for a lunchtime view?

The kids of course spent most of their time looking for sticks and stones to throw at the ice. With the warmer weather it was starting to melt at the edges, so plenty of opportunities for breaking up ice with well placed throws. Quite the challenge.

But, I also caught all of them just contemplating the view.

Early Spring Sunshine 4
Early Spring Sunshine 5
Early Spring Sunshine 6
Early Spring Sunshine 7

And of course, the boys couldn’t resist climbing one of the life guard stations, something they can only do off-season.

Early Spring Sunshine 8

Just look at that sky!

I sat on a bench, with the sun on my face, watching the three have a wonderful time together. This mini-heatwave (it hit 70 the next day!) was unexpected but much appreciated by us all. The winters can be long here, and there is still a real chance of snow right in to April (last year saw us snow painting in April) so we’ll take any hint of spring when we get it!

Early Spring Sunshine 9

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37 thoughts on “Winter: early spring sunshine”

  1. Whenever I see you photos it reminds me of living in Canada and the 6 months of snow each year. We adored it. I always remember bright blue skies it never seemed to be grey like England. Your children look like thay have so much fun but i know by the end you are dying for Spring xx

  2. Warm temperatures and snow on the ground sounds like the perfect mix, What gorgeous photos and such well timed weather for your February break. I love how the simple act of throwing sticks and stones at the frozen water was enough to keep everyone busy. Sun or snow would be welcome here, I’ve had enough of drizzle the past couple of weeks.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely day on #CountryKids

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      I love the sunny, snowy days! The weather couldn’t have been better for a February holiday. Of course, the past few days have been absolutely freezing :)

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Yes, it was really wonderful – I loved that there was still snow on the ground as we ate our picnic!

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Hints of spring are very welcome, especially as the weather has been decidedly colder since!

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      I wish I could say the spring weather had lasted. It really hasn’t!! The sky is still blue, but it’s been sub-zero for days now!

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      The weather is always a little odd in New England, I am discovering! Nice to have some warm sunshine though, definitely!

  3. What wonderful snowy photos – so beautiful! We don’t seem to have had much snow this year – I purchased the snow suits ready for a cold winter! Thanks for sharing #countrykids

  4. Those views! Stunning! Monkey would have a fit at the snow and I love it when it’s sunny and snowy at the same time. I think he would also be tempted by the life guard station. Stopping by from #CountryKids

  5. Beautiful photos. I love this time of year whent he first hints of spring appear. I’m sure you’re fed up of snow, but I am sad that we didn’t get any. We had one flurry and my little boy got so excited, but alas it lasted less than a day! #CountryKIds

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      I’m currently rather worried by the forecast that says more snow is on the way! But, it is lovely to start seeing some signs of spring weather.

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