Reflections: Week 14

This week was all about sick kids. And an eighth birthday. Thankfully, or it would have been a very miserable week!

My husband was in the UK for most of the week, he flew out last Saturday, so I was expecting a quiet week just pottering about.

My younger son got sick on Saturday evening, choked with the cold. Sunday was a very slow day indeed. However, after taking himself to bed at 5.30pm and falling instantly asleep, he insisted that he was fine the next day and went to school. Which I was grateful for as I ran around getting stuff done, but horribly guilty for when I picked him up from school, looking white faced and exhausted.

Needless to say he didn’t go to school on Tuesday.

And then my little girl was sent home from school on Tuesday afternoon with a fever! So, Wednesday I had them both home, Thursday I kept the wee girl off again to be on the safe side.

Evenings were less smooth than normal and I ended up with a companion in the shape of a small girl in my bed for the week (apparently she’s just keeping me company while daddy is away so that I don’t get lonely *ahem*). What with that, the coughing and the fevers, my sleep was not of the sound variety!

So much for my quiet week, pottering about.

Oh, and it rained. A LOT.

Thank goodness for a birthday to look forward to. And thank goodness this cheeky chap was feeling much recovered in time to celebrate!

His dad got home in time for pick up from school on Thursday, and we went out for a lovely meal in one of our favourite restaurants. A much better end to the week than the beginning had been.

I’m exhausted. My husband is jet-lagged. We have a party to finish organising for tomorrow. I am mid cake baking as I type (it’s cooling). What a week!

At least every one is healthy(ish) again. Well, if you ignore the fact that my eldest is losing his voice…

But, the sun is shining. It has stopped snowing and raining. I’m hopeful that spring is, at last, in the air. And, even better, we have a short week then it’s SPRING BREAK!!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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20 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 14”

  1. Oh no you poor things. It’s horrible when everyone gets poorly one after the other but glad you’re all feeling a lot better. A big Happy Birthday to your lovely boy. How did he get so grown up so fast!!

  2. Oh no you poor things. It’s horrible when everyone gets poorly one after the other but glad you’re all feeling a lot better. A big Happy Birthday to your lovely boy. How did he get so grown up so fast!!

  3. Happy 8th birthday to your son. Well done for getting through the week – it does sound like an exhausting one. So glad everyone is feeling better and that your hubby is back home again too. Hope the spring break brings some sunshine with it :-)

  4. Ugh. Parenting on your own is tricky enough as it is – but with TWO sick kids? Hope they’re feeling better now and belated birthday wishes.

  5. Best laid plans and all that..! Glad to hear your children are all better, but so much for you having a pottering week to prepare for the party
    Still, your OH is home now so he can hopefully help you catch up!
    I hope the party goes well tomorrow and your oldest doesn’t loose his voice until after the party

    Happy Birthday to your younger son & here’s to Spring break – I think we all need a break. I know we do!

  6. It sounds like a tiring week! Glad the kids are better now and hope the cake has turned out well. My daughter selflessly offers to come and stay with me when Daddy is away too! (I like having her there really, but I don’t encourage it)

  7. Aww boo to all being poorly! All my kids had the sickness bugs last week which was horrendous…. all better now though and enjoying the Easter holidays here in the UK! Hopefully yours have got it all out of the way for the holidays too x

  8. sounds familiar to when my kids were small and Peter was away, now a days it’s just the dog and cat that sneak in the room and on the bed at night when he’s away

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