Beautiful boy, now you are eight

Beautiful boy, you’re eight! I know how excited you are to finally be eight, how it seemed like it was never going to happen. But, don’t be in too much of a rush sweetheart, you have plenty of time.

You continue to pull us all into the whirlwind of your enthusiasm and curiosity. It’s impossible to avoid being caught by your energy. You are such a clever boy, so quick to learn, and always desperate to get on to the next thing. You are excelling academically, and we love to see the joy you get from learning new things (just don’t be so quick to dismiss the basics as boring, you need to complete them too!).

But, boy, do you also have a wonderfully silly streak. You make us laugh, so much, always cracking jokes and playing games.

Now you are eight 1
You are a massive fidget, and you need to work on your self-control. There are times when you need to be calm and quiet! But, I know that the endless energy is borne of a desire to be constantly learning and doing and making, and this boundless thirst for knowledge and information is a fabulous quality.

I know you’ve been working really hard on self-regulation at school; using the standing desks and fidget toys when you need to work your sillies out and get your class work done. You’ve made huge progress over the last few months and we are so proud of you.

Now you are eight 2
You are bright and funny and quick and you bring sunshine into our lives. With your ready smile, generous hugs and kind nature, you are a joy to be around.

I can’t wait to see where the next year takes you, and I know that whatever it throws at you, you will approach it in your usual fearless way. You are never afraid of a challenge, whether it’s learning to rock climb, roller skate or trying a new sport. You’ll give anything a go!

Never lose that enthusiasm, courage and confidence. You can do anything you want to do, and be anything you want to be.

Now you are eight 3
Happy birthday sweetheart, we love you very much.

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful boy, now you are eight”

  1. Lovely tribute to your little boy, Sara. Great pics – he looks such a character! Hope he had a wonderful day. Hard to believe my little boy will also be eight this year. Time flies eh? X

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