Reflections: Week 15

At last, the sun shone!

After late snow falls and torrential rain, the sun has been such a welcome sight. The kids wore shorts to school, no one needed more than a hoodie all week. I even wore flip flops for the first time this year.

Ah, that’s better *sigh*.

Spring is such a short season here, we go from winter to summer in the blink of an eye. There’s just enough time for everything to blossom, then we move on.

And, true to form, this past week has seen sudden growth and budding, everywhere. The trees are turning green, blossom is appearing and spring flowers have bloomed. It honestly feels like it all happens overnight!

It’s wonderful.

Of course, the appearance of the sun has resulted in cries of I’m too hot from my pale offspring, especially the red head. Popsicles are requested each day when we get home from school. Actually, before we’ve even left school.

As I do at this time every year, I’ve pointed out that they’d better get used to the sun, it’s only going to get hotter, and really: let’s not complain about nice weather!

Hope the sun has been shining with you too.


Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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14 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 15”

  1. Your weather is so extreme, going from winter to summer with little inbetween! It doesn’t seem long ago that I was looking at your snow angel pictures!
    Enjoy your ice-pops. We have warm weather here, but not yet that warm!
    Enjoy your Easter break

  2. Wow that is an extreme change. Not warm enough for shorts here, although has been dry and a bit of sun. I don’t like it too hot though. I’d rather stay in trousers all year long!

  3. Everything is beginning to shoot up here as well, not be long until the nettles and brambles and to tall and thick for the dog to enjoy the woodlands.
    It feels like Summer is just round the corner and then bang it goes really cold again.

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