Reflections: Week 16

I can’t believe that April vacation is over. Too fast!

We’ve had a lovely time, having some chilled out days at home and taking a mini-break in Mystic, Connecticut with friends.

We spent Easter Sunday with the same friends, lots of good food, good wine and great chat before getting up early on Monday to head south to Mystic. And yes, that Mystic. The one of Mystic Pizza fame!

We had a lovely day exploring the Historic Mystic Seaport, so much to see and do. We will have to go back to do the bits that we ran out of time for. The Amistad is currently docked there and we watched them carrying out restoration work. Fascinating.

A lovely meal in a very cool bar/restaurant – yummy food! – was followed by a swim in the hotel pool for all the kids (probably the highlight of the day for them!).

The following day we headed to the Mystic Aquarium and promptly fell in love with the Beluga whales. Now, I’m not a huge fan of seeing large animals in captivity, but we were lucky enough to catch a wonderful talk by staff on the work that they do with the Belugas.

They explained how they take care of them and teach them behaviors (tricks), both as a way for them to bond with their handlers and have fun, but also to help with vets’ visits and safety measures/emergencies. For example, earlier that day a pacifier had been dropped into their (massive) tank and the staff had to move them into a gated area really fast, before either of them accidentally ate the pacifier. Without the learned signals and behaviors this would be very difficult, and stressful for the whales.

I would still rather see them in their natural habitat, but they are amazing creatures and we felt really quite privileged to watch them swim, and come up to the glass and *chat* with us!


We couldn’t leave Mystic without heading to Mystic Pizza. The pizza was really good, and the movie was running on a loop in the background :)

The rest of the week was spent relaxing (watching the rain!), going to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast (wonderful!) and a completing a 5k run (me and the 10yo).

Back to school on Monday, when the countdown to summer begins!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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31 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 16”

  1. Gorgeous photo, what wonderful creaturesd they are, as you say I’d rather they were wild, but lovely to see them and it sounds like they are well looked after here.

  2. What a wonderful photo and the Beluga Whale is just beautiful.
    So glad you had a lovely week with the children & the Easter/Spring break. Time has gone very quickly, I agree with you!
    Hope you enjoy this weekend and Monday’s return to school isn’t too challenging

  3. Hi Sara, what a lovely photo! The Beluga whale reminds me a little of Casper the friendly ghost. I remember having mixed feelings when we visited the Daniel Cheetah Park in South Africa but by the time we left the park I realised that what was going on there was necessary to help keep cheetahs on the planet. They also had a high success rate with releasing animals too.

    How fun to visit Mystic Pizza? What came first the film or the place?


  4. What a beautiful photo and it sounds like you’ve had a really good week. Well done to you and the 10yo on your run – I’m gradually getting my kids back into running too. Back to school for us tomorrow too. It will be summer before we know it!

  5. I’m using the Baby Beluga book with my pre-schoolers at the moment, they are such beautiful creatures. I just googled Mystic I had never heard of the place before. I am also counting down the days until the summer break on the west coast, and hoping for some really nice summer weather!

  6. For some creatures their only chance of existence is in captivity, sadly as I agree this is no way for any wild creature to live.
    Sounds like you have had a good time and nice to do something different.
    Love the photograph.

  7. Mystic sounds a lot of fun with plenty of things to see and do. I don’t know much about Beluga Whales, but my son knows so much about marine animals – he’d have loved it.

  8. Sounds like a fab few days! The pic looks amazing. I think you’re right and they should be wild but it’s also such a beautiful thing to see up close

    Sorry for the late comment. Hope to see you tomorrow #mysundayphoto

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