Reflections: Week 17

Another busy week for us. When is it not?!

With the kids back at school, there was the usual post-holiday catch up to get done, and added to that was organizing my eldest for heading off to an environmental camp for three days with his school.

He was so excited about it, and not in the least bit phased by it. A bittersweet moment for me, very proud of his independence, but a little pang that he doesn’t need me quite so much anymore.

I packed everything on the kit list, most of it came back unused. That’s 10 year old boys for you!

It was strange not having him around. It wasn’t that we missed him terribly, he was only gone for three days, and his teachers kept us updated with messages and photos. But, it did feel like there was something missing. Two few bodies on the school run and at dinner.

No realising at 9.00pm that he’s turned all the lights out in the playroom, and the volume down on the TV, so we’ll forget about him and not send him to bed *ahem*.

He had a fantastic time. Came back exhausted and full of stories. My big boy.

As for the other two, they kept forgetting that he was gone. And, this little girl was SO thrilled to see him on Friday afternoon. She launched herself at him for the biggest hug *melts*.

She too is looking, and seeming, far too grown up. Where on earth did she learn this hands-on-hips pose?! This is her dance recital costume, worn to have the photos for the programme taken. It’s very yellow, but she does look cute, even more so when she has the yellow umbrella that is part of the routine. Brave dance teachers introducing props!


Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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17 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 17”

  1. Hi Sara, it is strange when the off-spring start spreading their wings. My daughter has a proper social life now and it’s taking a bit of getting used to that she’s not always here. That and having to play taxi… How lovely that your little girl missed her brother. She does look mighty cute in her twinkly yellow costume.


  2. I love this picture. So sassy!
    Glad your big boy enjoyed his trip. My daughter goes away for five days in a few weeks and coincidentally my younger son is away for the same five days. I’m not sure how I’ll manage, but I’ll have my eldest and his GCSEs to keep me busy!

  3. The way he turns down the lights and volume really made me giggle. Very clever and I’m going to have to look out for it with Z. Glad he had a good time though! And your girl has definitely shot up!

  4. i hope your son had a good weekend, dance teachers deserve awards for their patience, it’s not something i would be able to do, imagine all the injuries with an umbrella

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