Reflections: Week 18-19

I’m honestly not quite sure what to say about the last couple of weeks! Busy, crazy, pressured, over?!

I’ve been working hard on pulling together the 5th Grade Yearbook, to celebrate my eldest’s graduating class. They move up to Middle School after the summer, and one of their keepsakes from elementary school is a Yearbook celebrating their time at elementary, with photos and memories through the years, along with a page dedicated to each of them.

84 pages and 100’s of photos later, we submitted the book to the printers. Whew.

And, now I might get something else done :)

It was worth it, but I am looking forward to catching up on life now…

Needless to say, it’s been a slow photo fortnight. Lots of trees and plants.


It was Mother’s Day here in the US yesterday. We had a lovely day, including a fabulous breakfast in bed courtesy of the kids – toast, fruit salad, tea/coffee – having a (nearly) 11 year old has definitely elevated kid-made breakfasts!

My younger two both gave me ‘My Mom’ questionnaires. According to my daughter I’m 70 and my favourite food is gelato. And my son thinks my favourite thing to do is take photos of trees.

He’s not wrong!


Hope you’ve all had a lovely couple of weeks. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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