Reflections: Week 29-30

Summer vacation is going far too fast! I can’t believe July is all but over, I’m really feeling the need of a pause button right now.

We’ve had another wonderful couple of weeks. The younger two had a blast at Lego Camp while their brother stayed on at his residential camp. Myself and the two managed to fit in several trips to the pool around camp, and the wee girl and I made the most of the few hours we had between her half-day camp finishing and picking her brother up at the end of his day. We had lunch, went to the park, had picnics; very much enjoying some one on one time.

We decided to make a weekend of picking their big brother up from his camp, heading west on the Friday afternoon to a hotel not far from camp.

It was fortuitous that we had done this, as we got a message on Friday morning to tell us that our boy was performing in a play on Friday evening and we could come if we wanted to. Turns out that he’d switched from the Natural Sciences core that he’d done for his first week there (which he loved) to the Performance Arts core for the second week (which he also loved!).

We were so glad that we were able to watch the performance, it was awesome, and he did so well. Camp was a fabulous experience for him all round. He had the most amazing time and he’s already planning next year with the friends he made this year.

The goodbyes on the Saturday morning were emotional, but the stories have been awesome, and we’re all very happy to have him back.

We had decided to head over to Springfield on the Sunday to visit the Springfield Museums, which include a new Dr Suess Museum. It was fascinating, an amazing collection aimed at kids and adults. We all loved it, and also enjoyed the other museums that are part of the campus.

The three were happy to be back together and we had a wonderful family day.

The last few days have been equally busy, with my sister and her kids joining us. We’ve been to the Museum of Science, the beach and a baseball game so far, and we’re hoping for lots more time at the beach next week.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely couple of weeks. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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