Reflections: Week 38-39

Well, it’s been another busy couple of weeks for us. I think perhaps it’s time to accept that as a given?

My mission to take control of the house is ongoing, and I’m definitely getting back on track after the summer break. Lots of mini-projects have been done over the past week, taking back the odd corner here and there! The towels are no longer in a pile in the middle of our bathroom, the spare duvets are contained and I can see my bedroom floor again, a(nother) box of shoes (*shhh* I have way too many shoes, and I LOVE them all!) has been emptied and put away.

Some of this involved my husband going to IKEA with a list, AND he brought me back the new catalogue. Anyone else hum as they flick through it, no? Just me then.

To add to my to-do list was the first Spirit Day of the year. Designed for us parents who have simply loads of time on our hands, the kids love these days and this month it was Crazy Hat Day.

I failed last year as I completely forgot about it, so this year I made an effort. The wee girl decided on a hat with a My Little Pony theme, and I was very grateful for my eldest gluing everything on for her (and to Dollar Tree for the hats, and to my glue gun!).

The 8yo wanted a rock climbing hat, so together we glued on stones and Lego men. Have to say, I was rather pleased with the result, and he loved it.

I actually think that we might have a slightly quieter week next week, although I’m not holding my breath. But, I definitely don’t have any school meetings to attend in the evening, so that’s a step forward!

Fingers crossed.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely couple of weeks. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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