How to make a My Little Pony cake with pull-apart cupcake mane

Do you have any My Little Pony fans in your house? I certainly do. Here is the perfect cake for them. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to make your own.

After the success of my Princess Poppy cake (with pull-apart cupcake hair) I wanted to try and do something similar for my son.

And, as he is obsessed with unicorns, I had my starting point for the design.

There are so many beautiful unicorn cakes out there. Just take a quick look at Pinterest and you will be spoilt for choice. But, I know my skill level, and those beautiful unicorn cakes are way above it!

So, I set out to create something simpler, that would appeal to both the unicorn and My Little Pony fans in my house. Rarity was the obvious choice!

And, the beauty of this design? You can modify it to make ANY My Little Pony. I chose Rarity as she is a unicorn, but just by changing the colors of fondant/frosting used, you could make any favorite My Little Pony!

How to make a My Little Pony cake with pull-apart cupcake mane: easy step-by-step tutorial
To make this My Little Pony cake you will need:
One 8 or 9 inch round cake, single layer
15 cupcakes
[you can always use a larger/smaller round cake and alter the number of cupcakes, or use mini-cupcakes, based on the number of your guests]
Vanilla frosting or buttercream icing
[I used plain vanilla frosting to dirty-ice/crumb-coat under the fondant and then used purple (or whatever color required for your chosen My Little Pony) food-dye to make the frosting for the mane. I used approx 32oz of frosting total]
White fondant
[I used approximately 8oz of white fondant to cover the face. Substitute pink/blue/purple etc. depending on your choice of pony!]
Assorted colored fondant
[I used small amounts of two shades of blue (which I made my mixing blue and white fondant), white and black to make the eye. Your color choice will depend on your chosen My Little Pony. You will also need grey fondant for the mouth/ear detail (and a unicorn horn, if required for your Pony)]
Large stiff cake board
[The one I used was approx 15″ x 30″, which was slightly larger than I needed, but was what I had to hand]
A picture of your chosen My Little Pony, and/or the printable templates included at the bottom of this post.

I also used fondant adhesive and a fondant roller, both of which are handy, but not essential. I also have special fondant-cutting tools (scalpel etc.) which are handy for the detailed areas, but a small sharp knife will do the job too.

1. Take your single layer, round cake and, using the printable template (WITH or WITHOUT unicorn horn), cut the head to shape. For ease/simplicity you will leave a section of ‘mane’ in at this stage, and simply frost over the fondant later. The rest of the mane will be created from cupcakes.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 1
2. Roll out a sheet of white (or other color) fondant to cover the head, dirty-ice/crumb-coat the head and then lay the fondant over. Working your way carefully around the cake, tuck in and trim the fondant until your cake is smoothly covered.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 2
My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 3
3. Mix together the fondant colors required for the eyes.
4. Cut out the overall eye shape from the printable template (don’t worry about the eyelashes right now, you’ll add them in separately). Put the head shape template to one side, you’ll need it later.
5. Using the cut-out of the eye as a template, cut out a piece of white fondant for the base of the eye.
6. Then cut out the iris of the eye and use this as a template to cut out the dark blue (or other color!) fondant.
7. Follow the same process for the eyelid (pale blue fondant for Rarity) and for the black pupil.
8. Finally, add the two white light spots to the pupil.
9. Using a little fondant adhesive, or water, layer the pieces of the eye.
10. Now, get the template of the head, lay it over the cake and use it to mark the correct position of the eye and stick the completed/layered eye on to the face.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 4
My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 5
11. Now it’s time to create the eyelashes. To do this, I simply cut strips of black fondant and built up the eyelashes piece by piece, using the Rarity’s face as a guide. Alternatively, go back to the printable template, and instead of cutting out the eye, cut out the eyelashes to use as a template.
12. Next up is the mouth and ear. I mixed some grey fondant (white, with a little bit of black mixed in) and made small rolls of fondant. Again, I used the head template to mark the correct locations on the cake, and then played around with the ‘lines’ of grey until they looked right.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 6
13. Next up was the unicorn horn, (if required). Again, go back to your head template, and use this to make the horn. Put a small amount of the grey fondant you used for the mouth and ear to one side, and then mix more white into the remainder to make a paler grey. Use this to make the shape of the horn, then the darker grey you put to one side to make the lines. Position the horn on the head.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 7
14. Lay out the cupcakes to form the mane. I used 15 cupcakes, but this is where you can get creative and use as many/few cupcakes as you want to create a mane. Once you’re happy with the layout it’s time to start frosting. To keep the cupcakes from moving as you ice them, pop a small blob of frosting on the bottom of each cupcake to stop them from sliding on the base board.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 8
15. To start, frost over the head from the ear round to unicorn horn, or to join up with the cupcakes if your pony isn’t a unicorn! You will do the same under the ear into the lower part of the mane.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 9
16. Then, frost the cupcakes, working away from the cake.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 10
17. Allow the frosting to set a little and then add a second layer to build up the hair and use a palette knife, or similar, to create the sweeps of hair in the mane.

My Little Pony Cake Tutorial 11
And, there you have it. One My Little Pony cake! My son and his friends loved it, it was a breeze to serve, and there was none left. I don’t think I even got a taste, let alone a slice!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, I’m happy to help, and let me know if you try making it!

Feel free to download this printable template which will (hopefully!) help with your My Little Pony’s face… printed out at standard US letter size (or A4), the features will fit an 8 or 9 inch round cake.

How to make a My Little Pony Cake with pull-apart cupcake mane - PRINTABLE TEMPLATE FOR FACE
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  1. Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I have a big pony fan – and thankfully her birthday is not until August so I probably have just enough time to learn how to make this with my limited baking/icing skills.. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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