Easter Fun: baking cookies

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Easter Fun Baking Cookies

After our egg hunt it was time to bake some Easter cookies.

I’m not sure if it’s just that I didn’t bake when I was in Scotland (which I didn’t!), or if the range of icings etc. really is much better (or more readily available) here (!), but I am having so much fun shopping for baking ‘stuff’ – who’d have thought?! I love the seasonal ranges and for Easter there were all these lovely pastel icings and sprinkles :)

As usual, the 3yo was more interested in the baking bit than the 6yo, but they both had a go at cutting out cookies.

Baking Cookies 1

Then it was time to decorate. Squeezy pouches of icing make it easy for the wee ones to ice the cookies by themselves (although they both asked me to help get the icing to the ‘edges’!). Then there is the fun of choosing the sprinkles and the addition of an Easter m&m or two :)

Baking Cookies 2

After the boys had finished theirs, it was my turn to decorate some – definitely more fun than the baking bit :) And almost as much fun as the eating bit!

Baking Cookies 3

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2 thoughts on “Easter Fun: baking cookies”

  1. What a lovely post! It looks like brilliant fun – I really wish we had those squeezy bags here, my boys cover everything when trying to spoon on icing sugar. I end up finding sticky patches in the strangest of places – the last time I had to cut some out of the dogs ear fluff!

    1. Lol! The boys still manage to get pretty sticky :) The cookie icing pouches are fab though, so easy and so many colours. I like the cupcake icing in a scooshy can too! So simple :) Thanks for commenting xx

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