Breakfast muffins

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On a Friday the 4yo doesn’t have preschool so we spend the morning together. Last week, after we got home from dropping the 6yo at school, I asked him what he would like to do first. The response was immediate – bake muffins!

I’m not sure what generated this particular request, but I had a blueberry muffin mix in the cupboard, so it was an easy request to say yes to.

First he did the mixing – he beat the eggs, then mixed all the ingredients together including folding in the blueberries (well, mashing them in really!).
Breakfast Muffins 1
The wee girl was keen to help, but on this occasion I decided to keep the mess to a minimum and didn’t let her get too close!
Breakfast Muffins 2

The 4yo then filled the cases (with a little help from me) and we popped them in the oven – all before 9am!
Breakfast Muffins 3

The finished product! And yes, I did have a couple, with a cup of tea, for breakfast! Very tasty they were too :)
Breakfast Muffins 4

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