A weekend in baking

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A weekend in baking

A while ago these cupcakes caused my husband to send me a text that simply said:

Mum completely turned mom!

A weekend in baking 1
So, this weekend he found the following baking extravaganza very entertaining…

We were going to friends for a barbecue last night, to celebrate a birthday and Norwegian Constitution Day (the National Day of Norway, celebrated on 17 May – you learn something new every day!).

As is my way now, I decided to take some cupcakes with me. I wanted these to have a Norwegian theme… But, just making red, white and blue cupcakes (which is what I did!) seemed a little boring, so I thought I’d make some Norwegian flag biscuits as well! Despite my husband thinking I was mad to spend so much time decorating biscuits that were just going to be eaten, they were much appreciated by our Norwegian host! And, for the record, I thoroughly enjoyed the decorating bit :)

A weekend in baking 2
A weekend in baking 3
When I made the cupcakes I also made a single layer of cake for us to have at home. When he saw this, the 4yo asked if I could make a rainbow… So, I did!

A weekend in baking 4
All in all, a very fun weekend of baking!

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  1. Just drooling all over your bake posts. They are amazing. I can’t believe I have missed a few. lol So yummy. You are one creative lady. Love them all.

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