Things that make my heart sing

Things that make my heart sing: crisp autumn days, clear blue skies, colorful leaves, watching my children play, happy faces.

It doesn’t take a lot. And, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Getting home from school today I breathed a sigh of relief.

The weekend begins now. And although it’s going to be a crazy one; with visitors, three sports, a school event, a birthday party and a scout event; it’s still the weekend.

Which means I get this girl, and her brothers, for the next two days.

Admittedly, my time with them will be intermittent at best, as we hurry from one activity to another. But with blue skies and sunshine forecast, it will be a weekend to savor.

And it certainly started well, with running and leaf throwing and lots of laughter, and a bit of tree climbing when I wasn’t looking! I love these blue sky autumn days, surrounded by crunchy leaves and warm colors, hot drinks awaiting us once we head inside from the garden.

Things that make my heart sing 1
Things that make my heart sing 2
Things that make my heart sing 3
Things that make my heart sing 4
Life has been very busy again. But, I’m beginning to realise that the ‘again’ is superfluous.

Life has just been busy. It’s always busy. And, while I may imagine a day when it is less busy, I know deep down that really, there is a limit to how ‘less busy’ it can ever be.

And, I’m okay with that. As long as it’s never so busy that I can’t make time for moments like these.

For the moments that make my heart sing.

Getting through my to-do list, getting to the end of the week without forgetting an activity or appointment. Getting to the end of the week with my sanity intact! These are all good things, things I hope for every week. But, they are not the things that make my heart sing.

So, here’s to more leaf piles to jump in and throw in the air. Here’s to more laughter and smiles. And, here’s to taking the time to enjoy them.


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12 thoughts on “Things that make my heart sing”

  1. I have to say I totally agree, life’s always busy, but sometimes there’s moments that are so important. It’s great that you managed to find one this week with your daughter, she looks like she’s having a wail of a time playing in the leaves with you. Autumn really is magical and creates such a beautiful natural playground for the kids.

    Thanks for sharing your quiet moment with me on #CountryKids.

  2. what lovely photos. I agree with you 100% about enjoying the simplicity of autumn colours and throwing and crunching through leaves, hope you get lots of chances to do it this autumn #countrykids

  3. Sometimes it’s the simple things that makes our heart sing too. Life is crazy but its great to savour, record and memorise the good times. My mummy loves reading me my bedtime book. She’ll cherish those moments. #CountryKids

  4. Oh I love this post Sara. It’s true that life is always busy but the moments like this make it magical don’t they? The simple moments are often the most fun. I especially love that first photo of the wee girl throwing leaves in the air and pure joy that is captured in that shot :-) #countrykids

  5. life is so busy and I have been recently trying to treasure the small moments & take some time “out” and spend some quality time with my family. like a walk in a quiet woodlands with no time restraint, it has really helped us overcome the hard times! #countrykids

  6. The little things that we don’t appreciate in life are what bring us joy. I have been so happy reading your post. I will keep reading more and more of posts.

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