The perfect last minute (non-toy) gift for your child, with FREE PRINTABLE

I’ll be the first to admit that our children have a lot of stuff, and each birthday and Christmas sees more stuff make its way into their lives. They are very lucky, but also a little overwhelmed.

Over the years we have watched them grow and change, and play. Sometimes on their own, sometimes together. Sometimes well, sometimes not so much.

Sometimes they flit from one activity to another, seeming unable to settle on one toy. Generally leaving chaos in their wake.

Sometimes though, they play for HOURS with a single toy. Playing together, imaginatively and happily. In our house those magic toys are Lego (of course), Beyblades and Hexbugs.

We are often struck by how few toys they really play with, and how few they really need.

So, as the years have passed and the kids have got older, we have made a conscious decision to reduce the number of physical gifts we give them and to instead give them experiences. So, alongside the wished for toy or game will be season passes to their favorite museums and theme parks, tickets to events and trips away.

It could be argued that we’d give them these kind of gifts anyway, over the course of a year, but there is value in them knowing that these experiences are as important to us as a family as the latest toy is.

One thing we have had huge success with is Boss for the Day vouchers. Giving them the gift of time with us, doing exactly what they want to do. From pancakes for breakfast (or dinner!) to cinema trips and movie nights, from board games and Lego building to walks along the beach and visits to the zoo. Anything goes, and for a day they are in charge.

With the odd exclusion in place, of course, for their parents sanity’s sake!

I can’t recommend doing this enough, you will have such a special and magical day.

You may also be surprised by how simple the requests are. We have been. Time is the key, the most important gift you can give.

So, feel free to download these vouchers (just click on the image below). There are four designs included, in a printable PDF, to suit Christmas, birthday or *just because*.


Boss for the day voucher

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