Reflections: Week 51-52

The last couple of weeks of the year have passed in a blur. So fast! I can’t believe that tomorrow brings with it the New Year.

The run up to Christmas was filled with the inevitable last minute Christmas preparations, although I was far more organized than I’ve ever been, and far less stressed as a result.

The highlight of the week was the younger twos’ holiday parties at school. Talked about for days, before and after. They were both a lot of fun, although 20 third graders can make A LOT of noise! Surprisingly, 25 Kindergartners were much quieter, although to be fair to the third graders, the Kindergartners only played a quick game of charades. I suspect that helped the overall noise and excitement levels!

So, we joined my son for gingerbread man decorating (and lots of sneaky candy eating) and then the following day, my daughter for gingerbread house decorating (and lots of sneaky candy eating!).

And then, at last, the kids were on holiday.

We were all ready for it.

Christmas has been wonderful. Stress free, fun and a much needed rest for us all. And, it snowed on Christmas Day! What more could we ask for? My daughter was beside herself, declaring that all her Christmas wishes had come true. To be fair, watching the snow fall as we opened presents really was rather special.

We’ve had a very quiet week, all told. It’s been ridiculously cold. Most days, the temperature hasn’t made it above -10C, and with wind chill, it’s been a balmy -20C… Wednesday night, there was a frost bite warning in place. Lovely.

So, we’ve stayed close to home, only venturing out to IKEA, as we decided to finally organize the boys rooms, and to the cinema to see The Last Jedi (an absolute must as far I was concerned!).

And, now it’s Hogmanay. Another year is over.

Time to think about 2018 and make plans.

I’m undecided whether I will do another Project 365. To be honest, my photo taking has become more random and inconsistent as the year has gone on, so I can’t be said to have taken part in the true spirit of 365 this year as it stands.

We’ll see. But, if this is it from me, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed taking part in the project, and how much I appreciate the wonderful community we have.

Maybe I’ll just do a Project 52 this year, and sneak in that way!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, and I wish you all a very happy New Year and wonderful things for 2018.

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6 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 51-52”

  1. How amazing to have a white Christmas. That really would have been magical. I bet you’re counting down the days til Spring comes though with those temperatures.

    I’m thinking project 52 will be so much easier because I’ll tie it in with My Sunday Photo

    Happy hogmanay to you all

  2. watching the snow come down as you open presents sounds heavenly, I remember doing this in the early 70’s when we lived in Berlin. But gosh those are cold temperatures and I guess nothing thaws and you end up with a layer of ice on top of the snow that makes life dangerous.

  3. Happy new year to you all, i would love to see snow fall on christmas day, we had a few flurries one year in the UK when the kids were youngers, enough to make one snowball with and break a neighbours window

  4. I love your boy’s Christmas tie and snow on Christmas day sounds very special! I’m not sure I would cope with those temperatures though!
    365 is a lovely community, so I do hope you stick around!
    Happy new year! x

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