Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation

New England has been giving us its best in crazy-swinging-temperature-flip-flops-to-snow-boots weather. February vacation went from the sublime to the ridiculous.

It started with a beautiful Saturday, sunny and bright. So, we headed to one of our very favorite places, Breakheart Reservation. It was glorious. A little chilly, but beautiful and crisp and perfect for playing by the lake.

Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 1
I was quickly informed by my daughter than we ‘should have brought a shovel…’ as she hunted for sticks up to the job of digging a hole. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to play in the sand!

Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 2
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 3
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 4
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 5
My younger son on the other hand was more interested in throwing sticks and stones at the still partially frozen lake.

Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 6
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 7
Before finding the biggest, frozen, puddle ever!

Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 9
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 8
The light was stunning, the sky was blue and the sun sparkled on the lake. It was truly beautiful, and reminded me yet again why this is one of my favorite places to take a walk.

Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 10
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 11
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 12
Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation 13
Of course, the next day we woke to six inches of snow. But, that’s New England for you!

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.
Eudora Welty

I began writing ‘Snapshots’ posts last summer, when my days were too busy having fun with my kids to spend time writing about the fun we were having. They are a way for me to record the moments, but not feel obliged to write War and Peace. Simply capture the days as they happen. No SEO, no pinnable images, no stress. So, I’m going to continue to write them, and keep those moments from running away.


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10 thoughts on “Snapshots from Breakheart Reservation”

  1. It always looks so peaceful and beautiful down by the reservoir there. Whatever the time of year it looks full of adventure and perfect for a walk. Hard to believe you woke to snow after such a sunny day. Our lake froze this week and my boys were also entertained by throwing sticks and stones at it to try and break it. I wouldn’t let them stand on it so they launched the boat instead and then broke the oar jabbing the ice. Boys will be boys!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Countrykids

  2. Gosh that lake is gorgeous, so much better than any of the ones we have close to hear. All ours have steep banks to get into them, I really want to see one that comes to the edge like a shore, so beautiful. Mich x

  3. Oh so beautiful. I love your snap shot posts I am never disappointed with your beautiful scenery and ever changing weather! Ice puddles are great for exploring and smashing in my boys case! #countrykids

  4. Wow this looks like a really beautiful place to go, I can see why you like it there. Your photos are stunning too. Did you go back and take more in the snow? #CountryKids

  5. Oh wow New England just looks so beautiful and so much outdoor space to explore. We have had similar in the UK – had a big freeze a couple of days ago and then today it felt like spring
    Just popping over from #Countrykids

    Laura x

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