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One of our most important jobs as a parent is teaching our children. And, one of the most important things we can teach them is to be socially and emotionally aware.

These skills are just as important, if not more so, than academic skills.

This is where the Q Wunder app from EQtainment comes in.

The Q Wunder app is the first fun, holistic solution to growing your child’s life skills, from impulse control and focus to problem solving and social skills! Q Wunder customizes your child’s journey through Q’s World based on their personality and abilities. The Q Wunder show is full of celebrity guests, original pop songs, music videos, and games, and the Parents’ Corner has a podcast and parenting tips and resources.

I’ve written before about my extrovert daughter. She is bright and confident and thoughtful, but she can also be overwhelming and stubborn and, in the true sense of the word, bossy.

She is now in Kindergarten, and academically she is doing great. And she is a good friend to her classmates. But, I can still see that she struggles to understand that her exuberance and confidence can be too much at times.

She’s only six, so this is perfectly understandable, but obviously I want to help her as much as possible to learn the social techniques needed to navigate all the different situations she finds herself in, and to recognize the cues that others give.

She is a kind and empathetic little girl, but like most children her age needs a little help with team work, flexibility and patience at times!

We were asked to review the Q Wunder app, and we have spent the last few months really putting it through it’s paces.

Q Wunder Review - app in use 4
Q Wunder Review - app in use 5
I can safely say that my daughter loves it, she calls it Q U. We’re not entirely sure why, but she is very insistent! She asks to play regularly and she is working her way through the wealth of videos, music, games and activities.

Q Wunder Review 1
Once you have downloaded the app and set up your account, you will find yourself in the Parent area and on each subsequent visit you will be welcomed back and asked to enter a simple code to access the parent resources. Your child can access their profile without the need of a code, and can then only access the content meant for them. Although access to the parent areas isn’t really secure once they can read! A personal password or pin would be more secure.

Q Wunder Review 2
There are so many useful articles, videos and podcasts available in the parent area, I feel like I have only scratched the surface. Each one is linked to a skill area (empathy, focus, team work etc.) so that you can find resources to help as your child completes their activities.

Q Wunder Review 3
When you first create a profile for your child/ren you complete a short questionnaire that allows the app to suggest a ‘course’ for your child to follow. I have to admit that my daughter tends to jump around a bit, choosing a topic that interests her that day. But, I have noticed that she now makes connections between certain topic areas and events that have happened at school.

You can track your child’s progress and there are weekly targets that you can work towards. Aiming for a happy Q, rather than a sad one!

Q Wunder Review 4
All the activities can be accessed from the central ‘map’, reached by hitting the space rocket if you are in the parent area, or from the app welcome screen through your child’s profile image. Within each topic/skill area you will find a collection of original videos, music and educational games designed to teach your child more about that skill.

Q Wunder Review 5
In each area there will be a story about Q, our friendly monkey, a music video and a variety of other activities. Each story offers a life lesson that will help your child build their social and emotional skills, and the activities and games tie in with these life lessons.

For example, here is what you will find under ‘Empathy’.

Q Wunder Review 6
If your child wants to access all of the Q stories, or all of the ‘Do’ cards (simple activity cards that include fine and gross motor skills as well as questions about emotions and behaviours) or the games, they can simply hit the ‘cross’ at the top of the map.

Q Wunder Review 7
Q Wunder Review 8
My daughter loves watching the music videos!

Q Wunder Review - app in use 1
Q Wunder Review - app in use 2
I’ve been hugely impressed with the variety and quality of the videos and activities. The presenters, including some celebrity guests, are excellent and the production of the videos is of a very high standard. And, I have to admit that the original music videos are really very catchy. Kid (and mum) friendly pop music!

I can see how engaged my daughter is when she is using it, and the interface is simple enough that she can navigate by herself. This is makes using the app a better experience for her, and me.

We live in a tech world. Screen time is inevitable. So, finding apps that can teach children, as well as entertain them, is important.

Q Wunder Review - app in use 3
The parent resources are also very good. There are lots of articles on topics ranging from teaching table manners to helping kids learn to be grateful instead of greedy. From kitchen skills for kids to helping them learn patience. And, if you prefer, there are videos and podcasts too.

If you’d like a taste of what the app has to offer, head over and watch this video.

And, here is a fun music video, Shape Up, Chip In, all about having fun while cleaning up to give you a feel for that catchy pop music I was mentioning!

The Q Wunder app is for children ages 3+ and can be downloaded here for Apple, and here for Android. You can also access via your PC/laptop at the EQTainment website.

Monthly subscriptions are available for $7.99, or you can opt for a yearly subscription at $64.99. The subscription gives you access to all premium content, which lets kids access the full suite of entertainment, including interactive kids’ shows, original pop songs and music videos, activity cards with read-aloud audio and educational games. Additionally parents can access progress reports, curriculum control, and more.

DISCLOSURE: We were given a free subscription to the Q Wunder app for the purposes of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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