Snapshots of 2018: August and September

Well, what can I say. It’s been quiet on here the last couple of months, huh? Summer is always tricky, but I fell out of love with all things blog a little bit.

I’m not sure I’m quite back on track yet, but I do want to share the rest of our summer, as it was such a fabulous one. And September, well it was mainly fast!


It’s been such a long time, I’m not even going to attempt a week by week. August was a huge amount of fun, I took lots of photos (and found it very difficult to choose just a few for this post!), and it’s all a little bit of a blur now.

My daughter spent a week at Girl Scout day camp, which she loved. My younger son spent a week a Gymja Warrior camp (think American Ninja Warrior combined with parkour) the following week, which he loved. And I got to spend a week with each of them on their own, which I loved.

We spent a fun evening in Boston with friends, which reminded me how much I love the city of Boston.

My mum arrived, and we headed down to the Cape, which was awesome. We had a wonderful week of beach time, lake time, museums, ice cream, sunsets, reading and relaxing. It was the perfect way to end the summer.

The following week the kids were back at school, and that was it. Goodbye summer.

We did manage one last trip to our favorite beach, Nahant, though and had one of our best days of the summer.

Reflections on August 1
Reflections on August 1

Reflections on August 3
Reflections on August 5
Reflections on August 6
Reflections on August 7
Reflections on August 8
Reflections on August 9


And then, it was back in to routine. Sort of. It’s taken most of September to really get back in to the swing of things to be honest.

So. Many. Activities.

I try not to over-schedule the kids, but somewhere along the line, that’s gone a bit wrong and we now have WAY too many activities during the week. Some hard decisions may need to be made next year. It’s too much.

The month started with my birthday. Forty-five. Wow. Still twenty in my head though! Swiftly followed by our wedding anniversary.

We’ve had soccer games, (rained off) soccer practices, dance classes, kids theatre, Middle School drama, swim team, robotics club. My mum and I managed one last visit to the beach. My daughter was invited to a final pool party. We’ve certainly not been bored!

Looking back at my photos though, the level of busyness is reflected in how few I’ve taken!

Reflections on September 1
Reflections on September 2
Reflections on September 3
Reflections on September 4
Reflections on September 5
And, then, just like that. September was done.

I’m still not quite sure how we’re almost a week into October, but I am looking forward to the upcoming long weekend. An extra day off is very welcome.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful couple of months! Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of the snapshots I’ve taken recently.

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.
Eudora Welty

I began writing ‘Snapshots’ posts last summer, when my days were too busy having fun with my kids to spend time writing about the fun we were having. They are a way for me to record the moments, but not feel obliged to write War and Peace. Simply capture the days as they happen. No SEO, no pinnable images, no stress. So, I’m going to continue to write them, and keep those moments from running away.


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5 thoughts on “Snapshots of 2018: August and September”

  1. Nice to have your mum to spend time with. Much more important to make the memories than blog about them.
    I am with you…fast approaching 60 here but still 29 in my head.
    Love her crossed legged relaxing position, such a beautiful picture.
    I agree it is nice to get some one on one time with your children.

  2. I’ve kept up with you on IG, some times I think we all need to step away from blogging and regroup. Sounds like you had a lovely summer and at 45 you are still a kid to me!! I don’t know how you keep track of three kids and all their activities. I’d be exhausted #365

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